I am sure many of you can relate to today’s topic.  How many of you have to prepare for a video call on the daily?  #RaisesHand

How many of you have forgotten about a video call?  #AlsoRaisesHand

I am here to tell you it is going to happen.  You will be doing something completely random and get the text …. “Are You Joining?”

Joining what?  #Hmmm

After you process for a minute what you should possibly be joining you will realize you’ve missed (or are about to miss) the start of a video call.

I was out for a walk with my child when it happened to me … at least three minutes from my house … wearing running clothes … and no makeup.  #Ugh

After an quick about face and an even quicker walk home I primped and dialed in.  #Oy

How to Prepare for a Video Call in 5 minutes (or less)

Here’s my tricks to getting video conference ready in under five minutes:

Add a Blazer or a Cardigan over whatever you are wearing.  #NoReally No one is going to be able tell that you were wearing running clothes if you pop a third layer over it. Nordstrom currently has tons of Veronica Beard on sale!!

Add a scarf.  If you wearing a t-shirt, simply add a scarf to cover any embarrassing band logos or slogans. So many pretty scarves on sale right now … and perfect to transition to warmer temps.  #PickPink

Toss on glasses.  Grab a pair of blue light blocking glasses.  Your eyes will thank you and your coworkers will spend the entire time trying to figure out if you always wore glasses (and won’t both to look at what you are wearing). #PickBlue

Add a statement piece (necklace, earrings, barrettes) to direct focus to your adornment rather than your attire.  Check out a few from Tuesday’s post that are my current favorites. #RainbowStatement

Lastly, swipe on BB Cream/Primer or equivalent to give your face that filtered effect and make you look made-up even when you aren’t.  My favorite is the Fluid Sheer from Giorgio Armani but others swear by Laura Mercier’s Primer (I like this for more coverage and less shine) or Charlotte Tidbury’s Flawless Filter (for major glow).  #GetGlowing

What NOT To Do (or Wear)

Now that we’ve covered how to quickly get you video call ready.  Let’s talk about what not to do (or wear).  This is solely for your entertainment and to keep the smile theme going this week.  #YourWelcome

I am going out on a limb on this one to assume she is wearing clothes …  so you should not go strapless (or naked).  Maybe she was just trying to be fancy?  Whatever the case, look like you are wearing clothes.  #AlwaysWearClothes

Always remember the video is recording.  If you haven’t seen this one that has been all over social media … this poor girl went viral for a very natural cause – just one you should not partake in while video conferencing.  #DontBeJennifer

Be aware of what is behind you in your frame.  Joke or not the advice is good.  #DoubleCheckTheShot

If your background is cluttered or questionable … add a custom background (but keep it professional).  #NoBigBabyHeads

So now you have some idea of what you should do … as well as a few ideas of things you should NOT do during you next video call.

Happy Conferencing!!