Last week I covered my Skin Care Top 10 and this week I thought I would tackle my Wardrobe Top 10.

The last few January’s I’ve created capsule wardrobes as a means of getting through the Winter doldrums.  But while I use them for almost every trip, capsules aren’t really the way I dress.  This January, instead of a capsule wardrobe, I wanted to mix it up.  This year I took a nod from @lookfabulous.forless and identified the most worn pieces in my wardrobe.  I did not get as scientific as she does – no spreadsheet or cost per wear formulas.  I scrolled through my Instagram feed (which gives me about three years’ worth of wears) and thought about the pieces I reach for most … or that get dry cleaned the most.  Or more likely – annoy me the most when I discover they are in the dry cleaning bag and not available for use.  #TrueStory

If you are looking for the so what in this post then think about these as core pieces.  They are the pieces I reach for again and again to create outfits effortlessly.  #GetACore

Everyone needs a good set of core wardrobe pieces that they can build a million outfits from.  Lots of posts talk about black pants and white button downs but while practical – there is little personality in that.  You need to build a core that suits you and your lifestyle.  This is mine.  If I could only wear 10 things for the rest of the year – I would do pretty okay with these then.  You will notice as you read, that many of them frequently appear together.  And yes, I have a few black pieces or white pieces but there are more than a few colorful pieces and definitely some pattern.  #MixItUp

My Wardrobe Top 10

Ready to learn the pieces from my closet that came out on top?  The first one will be no surprise.  #Zero

My MM.LaFluer Oshima Pants

I have said it before and I will say it again … these beauties should have there own Instagram feed.  I wear these nearly every week ALL YEAR LONG (yes, that required yelling).  They are hands down the most versatile pants I own (petites swear by their sister pants – the Foster which I also own).  And to think they were a last minute add on to my first MM.LaFluer shopping trip.  I currently have them in two colors (navy and black) – I used to have three colors but didn’t wear the khaki ones nearly enough so I sold them on @Poshmark.  I actually have an entire post filled with all the looks I’ve created with these pants.  #ThatGood  Looking for a similar style with a lower price tag?  Try these Everlane ones.

So what else is on my wardrobe top 10 list? I am sure that many of these will not come as a surprise to you but a few might?  I know a few surprised me.

Rag & Bone Simone Pants

This one surprised me.  I didn’t realize how much I really reach for these pants but Instagram doesn’t lie.  They don’t get tons of wear in the summer but come Fall it’s non-stop until Spring.  They pair beautifully with so many colors (camel, navy, pink, red, black, white, blue …)  #YouGetTheIdea  I’ve worn them with sweaters, dresses (yep), blouses, turtlenecks and blazers.  These pants also work with T-shirts but I don’t find myself reaching for those tons.  This is another pair of pants that has a post all their own with a zillion different ways to style them.  #OkayFive  I also have these same pants in navy pinstripe which get tons of wear in the Spring and Summer.  If you are looking for a budget friendly alternative, Everlane has one that is VERY similar.

Leather Pleated Skirt

This oldie but goodie has lived a long life in my closet.  It’s actually faux leather and purchased long ago during a Nordstrom Anniversary sale.  (I think half my Winter wardrobe was purchased during an Anniversary sale).  This is another one I didn’t think would end up the Rockstar it has become.  It pairs just as beautifully with a suit jacket as it does a T-shirt.  You can find a VERY similar one here (at a very reasonable price point) or for just a little higher price tag another option here.  I’m loving it so much that I’m thinking of adding a Burgundy one to my collection.

This next one from my wardrobe top 10 is no surprise …

AllSaints Cashmere Sweater

I’m not surprised by this one as I’ve mentioned my love for my AllSaints sweaters many times before.  I actually have this exact sweater in off-white and red as well.  And I have very similar ones in blush (seen here) and cream.  I wear one every weekend but I also wear them to work in the Winter.  They pair easily with denim, skirts and pants but they can also layer over dresses.  I wear all of mine but the one I reach for the most is the black.  I am actually currently wearing it as I type this post on a Sunday afternoon in January (and I had the off-white one on yesterday).  #CreatureOfHabit  AllSaints stocks something similar every Fall and Winter (and typically puts in on sale right about now) but VINCE also carries very similar styles and quality.

DVF Silk Blouse

Another Anniversary sale purchase that has surprised me with its wear-ability and longevity.  In fact, I’m on the hunt for its replacement and I really just want to find the same blouse again.  It’s starting to show some wear (mostly from so many trips to the dry cleaners).   This is classic without being a plain white blouse.  It pairs with anything (because it is black and white) and it’s fun geometric pattern adds interest to any look.  This is currently a top contender, although I would really prefer more pattern than dots. #StillHunting

Blue Stripe Blouse (3)

Note that little number after the heading … I actually have three different blue stripe blouses.  It might be cheating but I opted to include them as one piece because if I only owned one, I would still reach for it just as much.  (Please refer to my earlier discussed dry cleaning problems).  The one I wear the most is the one shown above, (J.Crew Classic) but my navy stripe one doesn’t last long on the hanger when it’s available.  And I just opted to upgrade the J.Crew with one from Lafayette 148.

LBD (alot)

I’m kind of afraid to put a count to the number of little black dresses that I own but it’s more than a few.  And I wear them all tons.  Again, I opted to include them as one because if I only had one I would wear it again and again and again.  #YouGetTheIdea  This is just something you need to own.  The versatility alone should be explanation enough for why Coco Channel says every woman should own one (or two).   The key to a killer LBD – your tailor.  If you don’t have one – find one, use them, love them.  There is no one size fits all for the LBD.  Everyone has their own personal preferences – fitted or loose, long sleeve, cap sleeve or sleeveless the options are endless.  If I had to pick one from my closet and forgo all others it would probably by my MM.LaFleur Masha dress (because pockets) – find it here.  But a very close runner-up would be my DVF sheath (because curves) – similar option here.

White Blazer (3)

Another category where I have multiple options.  And again, if I didn’t, the one I had would be worn just as frequently.  They admittedly don’t get as much wear in the Fall and Winter as they do in the Spring and Summer months but they do get worn year round (this picture is from last week).  My top pick would be classic white but I do love a good window pane and this pintstripe one was worn so much last Spring I’m not sure how I every lived without it.  All three of mine are Veronica Beard – because she just gets blazers but you can find lots of good options at all price points.

Red Sweater Blazer

Oh, red sweater blazer, how I heart thee.  Truly, I really heart RED.  Red anything.  But this little sweater blazer has been a work horse.  WORK HORSE.   I have other red blazers … one from LOFT, one from Anine Bing, a deep red from TopShop and a full Veronica Beard red suit.  They all get there fair share of use … but this little gem is by far the winner.  #WINNER  J.Crew makes similar every season (it tons of colors) but red will always have my heart.

Brown Blazer

Another J.Crew winner that is frequently on repeat.  Why?  It just goes with anything.  Sure it’s a neutral (seen here and here) but you can pair it with bright blue, navy blue, stripes and leopard.  See anything really.

Honorable Mention

So I didn’t put this one on my wardrobe top 10 list but my black turtleneck deserves honorable mention because it gets layered a ton during Winter.  If I really was looking at cost per wear (even with owning more than one) it would be in the pennies.  #Pennies

I don’t typically wear a turtleneck alone.  You will more typically see me wearing this layered under blazers, sweaters and cardigans.  But I wear turtlenecks so often that I have multiples in both black and navy as well as a handful of other colors.  I have my fair share of $16 ones from Amazon that do the job but the one I reach for most is my majestic filatures one.  There is just no comparison.  I typically buy one every other year during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and they last three to four years (with heavy weekly wear).

That is my wardrobe top 10 (plus one bonus).  What would be in your wardrobe top 10?