I’ve been seeing so many all white outfits lately and loving it!!  I used to be afraid of white (because I #lackgrace and #momofboys) but when I do brave the look I get so many compliments.  It’s such an easy look to pull off too.  Literally just put on everything white.  I prefer the softer tones of Winter white but feel free to mix and match.

I’m sure you are wondering what this has to do with #Shoesday though?

You know what I have discovered?  Even better than all white is all white with a colorful accessory pop.  Think scarf, purse or shoes (or all three). I mean look at these ladies … and those Choos at the end … I have a DIY dupe for those beauties.  #ChooDupe

So there you have the connection to shoes!  It’s just too fun!  The all white background is perfect for a statement accessory!!

Here was my scarf pop look last week …

And here was a similar look from last year with a colorful scarf and blue velvet booties. #SWOON.

Ready to create your own Winter white look –  will let you pull the whites from your closet but here are some great accessory combinations you can add for fun!

Winter White with Bright Blue & Red

I love these three colors combined together.  Perfect over a white backdrop!

Leopard Scarf | Red Loafer

Winter White with Navy & Red

So patriotic and so fun!

Pumps | Plaid Scarf

Winter White with Blue & Black

I’m always a fan of Navy and Black but add a little cobalt and the mix gets even more interesting.

Cashmere Scarf | Snake Loafer

Winter White with a Rainbow

Can’t decide?  Wear all the colors!

Blue Loafer | Rainbow Scarf 

Pop Your Lips

Crushed for time?  Add a colorful lip to your all white look and dash out the door! #StillWinning

I might recommend MAC My Little Secret to recreate this look! #NotASecretAnyMore

Happy Shoesday!