Each January I look back through the last year and assess.  EVERYTHING.  I do this with my closet, my work, the blog, our house.  Literally EVERYTHING.  This year I decided to do this in my bathroom too.  I had a collection of half used skin care products and tons of free samples.  I often pass along the samples to my niece …. some I eventually try.  I’m continuously trying new products for the blog.  So much so that my skin care collection has grown significantly.  Most were ho-hum products that didn’t make the cut but somehow still seem to be in my bathroom. And then there is my prize collection of beauty and skincare products I love.  So what is currently on the love shelf?  This is my Skincare Top 10.  Some of these have been in my collection for years, a few joined the top shelf this year.

My Skincare Top 10

These aren’t in any particular order … mostly the order I thought about them in …

Colleen Rothschild Beauty Radiant Cleansing Balm

This cleansing balm is my favorite (and I’ve tried many).  This year I tried the Elemis one for the first time – and still have half a jar.  They both work equally well – I’m just partial to the smell of the CR one and it also doesn’t feel as greasy to me.  I like their travel sizes because you can actually travel with them!!  The other product I keep around from this brand is the Face Oil N9 which provides great post airplane recovery.  #WinningBrand

TULA Probiotic Skincare Glow & Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm

You can’t have lived a year on Instagram without having seen someone talking about this product.  I tried it for the first time this summer and it deserves all the hype.  I loved it so much I bought it as Holiday gifts for all the women in my life.  They also make a rose version which is a little more subtle in color.  I’ve been working my way through some of the other Tula products but so far this is the only one that I’m loving.  #CultFollowing

Pixie Tonics

My addiction to Pixie Tonics started with the Glow Tonic but then Target had a beauty sale and I discovered so many other options.  I’m currently loving the Retinol Tonic and next in line to try is the Vitamin C Tonic.  #FaceGlow


Image result for saranghae cleanser

I did a full review of this product line almost two years ago and I’m still loving and using the cleanser and the masks.  Both are amazing.  I keep the cleanser in my shower and that bottle lasts nearly a year!  I’ve tried several other masks and they just don’t compare to these. #MaskWinner

Beauty Without Cruelty Cleanser

This is the other cleanser that I use and love! My face feels so amazingly soft and clean after I wash with this.  This is the one I travel with and is typically what I use at night after I cleanse with the CR balm.

Lange Lip Mask

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

This is a very recent add to my collection but it is so good that I felt it deserved the recognition despite being new to the top shelf.  You put this Lip Sleeping Mask on overnight and awake with buttery soft lips.  #LipWinner

Lancôme Advanced Genifique

I feel like I’ve tried so many serums over the years but this is the one I keep coming back to.  It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin but leaves it feeling youthful and soft.  #WorthThePennies

*It’s currently on sale if you add another $8 to your cart (then you save $50).  Try this hand sanitizer as a great option – I keep this is my purse.  #BecauseGerms

Lancôme Rose Jelly Mask

If you travel frequently this moisturizer is a must!  Deplane, wash your face and then put this on – your skin will feel re-hydrated in no time!!

Armani Fluid Primer

I’ve been using this Sunscreen and primer combination for nearly two years (I switched from a Clarins product) and while some say it feels greasy – my skin loves it – especially in the Winter.  I recently tried their Fluid Primer and it is equally lovable and significantly less greasy feeling (although does not include the sun defense).

That’s my skincare top 9!  Missing from my collection? A good eye cream. I have tried many but haven’t found one that I keep around. If you have any suggestions … send them my way!!