Lately I’ve been all about the statement shoes (yes, even more so than usual).  Green crocodile pumps, hot pink and red heels, snakeskin and leopard everything.  These are all the variety of shoes that have caught my eye in the last week (or two).  So for this Tuesday I thought I would do a roundup from the Shopbop sale of all the statement shoes I would snag.  They are having a great sale and this is one of the best places to purchase that head turning shoe that no one else will be wearing!!  #TurnHeads

You will notice a few trends in my picks …

1) leopard is still going strong … please let it persist forever

2) snakeskin is holding tight too … also good

3) crocodile is on the upswing … YESS!!!!

4) colorblocking shoes is now a thing … and I am not complaining about this one bit!

Now before we get to the shoes … one very important tip you should know ….

Insider Tip:  If it is marked Final Sale and you aren’t certain you are going to love it … if you have Amazon Prime purchase it through them.  The price will be the same and you will still get Free Shipping but you also get Free Returns … yes, even on items Shopbop has marked as Final Sale.  #YourWelcome

Shopbop Sale Statement Shoes

I combed all 15 pages of sale shoes and picked my favorites.  I then whittled those down to 14 that still had good enough inventory to deserve mentioning!  #DontWaitThough

  1. Red Croc Boots – I have a major soft spot for red and tall boots are having a moment making this a winning combination.  #MakeYourMoment
  2. Leopard Colorblock Bootie – Colorblock.  Check.  Leopard.  Check.  Ankle Bootie.  Check. (Similar Fully Stocked)  #TripleWinner
  3. Croc Bootie – Not really grey, not really blue but somewhere perfectly in between.  Did I mention fully stocked with sizes?  #SteelStatement
  4. Colorblock Suede – Perfectly matched my favorite purse and would go with absolutely everything. (also in Pink and Red) #TooPerfect
  5. Animal Mixing – These remind me of my Rag & Bone “Cruella d’ville” boots.  #BeBad
  6. Leopard Loafers – If you missed out on the leopard loafers I’ve been wearing all Fall, here is your chance to jump in.  #GoDeep
  7. Colorblock Booties – This neutral trifecta is simply striking.  #TurnHeads
  8. Snake Loafers – These rainbow ombre loafers give me all the heart eyes.  #BigLove
  9. Glitter Mary Jane – If you missed the J.Crew beauties I bought during Black Friday these are a great alternative.  #AllThatGlitters
  10. Black, Blue and Snake Bootie – Another colorblock bootie that needs to be owned.  #OwnIt
  11. Pink Leopard – I just added the Kate Spade cuties to my closet or these would be in my cart so fast your head would spin.  #TurnHeadsInstead
  12. Snake Cut-out Oxford – Fred Salvador-esk without the price tag.  #BudgetFriendly
  13. Two Tone Boots – I just can’t NOT.   These are insane.  #CryingTheyArentInMySize
  14. Brown Suede Boots – Go tall or go home with your Winter boots. Fully stocked and only $85. #DontGoHome

The sale is so good that sizes are starting to get limited!  My suggestion … filter by your size so you don’t start drooling over two tone booties only to realize they aren’t available in your size at which point you go down a rabbit hole trying to find them from another retailer and totally forget about the Shopbop sale.  #HypotheticalExample #JustSaying

Happy Shoesday!