I interrupt all things shopping to bring you an anomalous Saturday Shoesday post.  For me to post a shoe review on Saturday you know it must be good.  Really good.  It also means you can read the review in time to take advantage of the only sale they have every year.  Yes, you read that right … the ONLY one.  If you missed my original INEZ review and this is a brand that you are not familiar with then you should start there … read the original review.  #StartAtTheBeginning

Today’s updated review is all about their boots!!  And their boots deserve as much kudos as their heels.  #GiveMeAMinute

When INEZ reached out to collaborate again I was over the moon.  I had been eyeing a few of their boots (I tried these last year during their Black Friday sale – happening NOW) and I was more than willing to jump in with both feet again.  #PunTotallyIntended  My boots may have been gifted, but rest assured, this INEZ review is one-hundred percent my own opinion.  Their shoes (or boots in this case) really are just this good. #RealGood

First up, choosing the boot.  So many options.  They have three styles with several color ways.  The Paz70 (in ginger and black), the Paz90 (in rye, chalk and black) and the Marisol (in snake, croc and black).  I basically chose my pair via a process of elimination.  Taking inventory of what was already in my closet, I did not want black or chalk (both are already well represented).  A version of the Marisol is already in my closet in black (and I wear it all the time) and while the snake and croc were very tempting I learned last year the cut of this boot rubs on my ankle.  I have low, prominent ankles so if you don’t please, please put these on your list!!  They are so gorgeous!!  #EveryFootIsDifferent

After all my eliminations, this left the Paz70 in ginger or the Paz90 in rye.  This last downselect was hard.  Really hard.  I wanted the lower heel (mainly because my broken toe is still adjusting to heels) but I liked the deeper brown color of the rye better.  I ultimately choice color over comfort.  The toe is going to fully heal and then I will be happy I have the higher heel!!  #TheStruggleWasReal

So which did I choose?

I chose wisely.  They are every bit as gorgeous in person as they were online.  The color is rich and beautiful and the suede is soft and plush! #HappyFeet

My INEZ Boot Review

When I initially put my silver heels on, they fit like a glove and felt amazing.  The boots, however, took a little longer to love (but I’m there)!  Let’s preface though – for those that don’t know, I broke my toe 6 months ago.  I have spent five of those last six months wearing mostly flat, open toe shoes.  It wasn’t until about a month ago that I started wearing closed toe shoes again.  And I dipped my toes into heels for only a few hours at a time.  Bottom line – my feet were not really used to closed shoes or heel in any height. #ItGetsBetter #WayBetter

In reality, I think the boots were probably just as amazing as my silver heels – my feet just were not ready. I initially thought they felt tight even though I did not order the same size as my heels but a half size larger.  This was mostly to accommodate tights.  They felt snug but it was the right size.  INEZ lets you try two sizes to make sure you get the fit perfect.  #KeepReading

For their first outing, they went to a client meeting which had me wearing them for about four hours with a fair amount of walking. I could tell by the end of the day that I had been in heels a good portion of it.  This isn’t a feeling I’m used to.  Again, the fact they didn’t feel pillowy soft day one I think is more a function of an out of shape foot than any fault of INEZ.  #WaitForIt

The second wearing, however, they became the INEZ I remember.  I wore them for nearly eight hours with lots of walking and it was like I had known these boots all my life.  I’m still not sure if it was my feet or the boots that required the extra breaking in  – but after my experience with their heels I truly think it was my feet.  #SillyToe

I have since worn them lots.  LOTS.  It’s love.  BIG LOVE.  My love for the boots is as big as the love I have for my silver heels.  These boots and I are going to be long-time Winter friends.  #LongTime

As with their heels, INEZ missed no details with their boots.  So many winning features.  The suede is quality (they are handmade in Spain), the arch support is thoughtful (not misplaced or bothersome), and the color choices are classic.  From the cushioned insole to the quiet tip, everything is perfect. #LiterallyPerfect

Want to try your own pair of INEZ?

INEZ has a wonderful try at home policy that actually allows you to try two different sizes.  You purchase your first pair & receive a second pair of the same style—in a half-size up, down, wider or narrower—free (and free shipping both directions). They really want you to find that perfect, made-for-you fit.  To help ensure this happens, the shoes also come in three different widths and two different heel heights.  #YouKnowMyHeightPreference

And if you truly are interested you should shop NOW. Use my discount code my9to5shoes15 to get 15% off your favorite pair – including the Paz. #SizableSavings

Styling My INEZ Boots

Below is two examples of how I styled my boots but look for more ideas in the next few weeks as I wear them tons!  If they are anything like their silver pumps – they will be all over my Winter Instagram feed.  #NotSorry

Update:  I also have a review for their Sandals.  You can find the sandal review here.  #SummerStunner

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