So I cheated this year and just went with an update to last years post (because I got so much feedback on my awesome ideas).  Men always seem to be the hardest to buy for – these men take on lots of names (husband, brother, father …) but all men are the same really.  Their needs are simple but their wants are big! So to start the holiday guides here are my ideas for Gifts for HIM!!

This is not a post I wrote on my own.  I utilized all the men in my life (and a few friends lives) to put together a winning list for all the males on your list.  I will say that the most coveted item on this list from all the men I shared it with is the Trayvax Wallet (so much drooling) and even those that initially said they didn’t need a new wallet changed their tune when they saw it.  #ThatGood  The other one of note is the underwear … apparently those in the know say its good!  #ReallyGood  And if you aren’t in the market to buy more stuff … scroll to the end for my sustainable gift for HIM!

Without any more fanfare ….

Gifts Under $30

Yeti Bottle $39 for 26oz or $29 for 20 oz  – Indestructible, leakproof and double-wall vacuum insulated to keep hot things hot and cold things cold until you finish them.  Update: Both my husband and I got these as gifts last year and I use mine EVERYDAY.  It’s amazing.  I’m actually buying smaller ones to carry soup and hot chocolate to bike races for the boys!!  Comes in so many color choices.    #Winning

The Art of Shaving Lavender Shaving Cream $25.00 – I will let you in on a little secret.  Men like those little bottles of magical lotions and potions almost as much as women do.  Their’s just need to be manly.

Trayvax Wallet Prices Vary – They actually have a full collection of wallets with prices range from $19 – $99.  They have a matrix of needs (how many bills and CCs do you typically carry) that help you find the best match.  Contour wallet pictured.  Update:  Every man that received this last year is the envy of all his friends and gets so many questions!  #MakeHimAStar

Gifts Under $50

Beard Grooming Set $34.99 – This one is apparently the gold standard (my husband sports a beard from November to February).  You can also get the individual pieces as stocking stuffers.  This is also a fabulous brand for shaving cream (its the one I use).  #TwoForOne

Cat Eyeglass Holder – Because I find my husbands glasses everywhere and he can never find them (and he would add the same is true for me).  There were a few animal choices but I’m going with the cat.  #Meow Update: He uses this every day and can now easily find his glasses (at least first thing every morning – perhaps it should be on my list this year).  

Holiday Gifts for Him

Tommy John Underwear Holiday Sets Prices Vary but 20% off Black Friday – Apparently there is something magical about the access point but I will spare you any details (not that I know any).  There are some great holiday sets available right now. My husband prefers the second skin variety pictured.

Gifts Under $100

Holiday Gifts for Him

Carbon2Cobalt Henley $79 – This brand has some great casual options at great prices.  I’m eyeing this Henley, mostly because I love the name “Snug Time”.

Barbour Tartan Scarf $79 – If you can’t afford to give the coat then this is the perfect accessory (five color choices) for the man who lives anywhere there is a Winter chill.  #Everywhere

Columbia Puffer Coat – I bought my husband a really nice The North Face coat during one of the Nordstrom Anniversary sales – he prefers to wear this under $70 one instead.  #AllWinterLong

UNTUCKit Shirts Prices Vary with 25% of Black Friday – From business casual to more formal looks this is the perfect length shirt to leave untucked (thus the name) with some cool style details you see when you do. #KeepItUntucked

Holiday Gifts for Him

Switchwood Bow Ties – My husband gets fancy for the holidays and these bow ties are one of my favorite looks!!  #GetFancy

More Gifts for Him

ABC Pants from Lululemon $128 – These are apparently the greatest pants ever.  The come in Slim, Classic, Short and even Jogger so you can find a pair for every man.  They also come in no less than 7 colors!

Gifts for Him

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Portable Wood Pellet Grill $299 – No guide for gifts for him would be complete without a grill.  Make your man the hit of every party, tailgate and backyard get together!  This is apparently the best you can get to both smoke and cook meat.  I’m no expert on the grill side but I am a critic on the food side and this delivers.  #Yummy


Jabra Elite Wireless Earpieces  – I had the Bose ones on the list last year but I was unimpressed.  They have upgraded the ones I use (and I will be making an upgrade of my own).  If you spend hours on conference calls then these will be your friend (or your spouses friend).  They are good for both music AND phone calls (unlike Apple airpods – as a person on the receiving end of LOTS of airpod calls trust me when I say you can hear EVERY background noise and it isn’t pretty – don’t let your husband be that man).  This is the best price I’ve seen them!!  #Run

Ted Baker Cashmere Overcoat $749.00 – It comes in classic colors.  If you man ever gets dressed up he can’t top the look off with a puffer coat (see coat above).  Every man needs a classic overcoat and this one will last him a lifetime.  Look for great Holiday sales to snag this at nearly half the price!!  #TedBakerIsAlwaysAWin



Holiday Gifts for Him

Ted Baker Card Holder and Flask Gift Set Flask $115 – Do I actually have to explain this one? #RequiredAnywhereYouDragHim


Holiday Gifts for Him

Pressurized GrowlerWerks Growler $149 for 64 oz or $199 for 128 oz – For the beer enthusiast.  They also come in a cool copper!  #GoBigger

Sustainable Gifting

Since my goal this year has been to be more sustainable I am going to give you an idea for some Holiday gifts for him that aren’t “stuff”.  This is my focus this year with my family … an experience rather than a thing.  Need some ideas?  Here is what some of the men in my life are getting:

  • Grandpa is getting a day at the races … the indoor go kart track where he can play Mario Kart Live all day long.
  • My youngest son is getting a trip to the slopes … he’s been asking for months to go!
  • Our oldest son just spent an evening enjoying the local basketball team.  Floor seats and all the food he could eat wasn’t anything compared to snagging a players headband at the end of the game.  For the Holiday’s I’m thinking of sending him to play paintball for an afternoon (and burn all his energy).
  • My Uncle is a little more academic than adventure so he is getting tickets to the planetarium to spend an afternoon staring at stars.
  • As for hubby … I’m still undecided on if he get’s a fabulous date with me (which I can enjoy too) or his own adventure.

That’s it for my ideas for gifts for him but there are more guides coming (Hostess and Hers) so make sure you are a subscriber!  Happy Holidays!!