This week I’m sharing a #shoesday review on Saturday instead of Tuesday! Why is that you ask? Because these CARIUMA sneakers were simply made for Saturday.  #SaturdaySneakers

I’ve been wearing them during the week though too … as I hustle between meetings, soccer practice and errand running.  While these wouldn’t be my typical 9 – 5 pick, they are absolutely a worthy weekend pick!! Super comfortable. Super colorful. Did I mention thoughtfully sourced and produced? They win in every way.  #Winning

When CARIUMA reached out to offer a pair for me to try – their timing could not have been more perfect. I was hunting for a cool weather replacement for my over-worn white Birkenstocks. Are you as tired of seeing those as I am wearing them? My selection of closed toe footwear (that can accommodate the broken toe) was limited. These sneakers were the perfect add. Unique with a little sass … just the way I like things!!  #SassItUp

About The CARIUMA Brand

CARIUMA’s handmade sneakers combine old-school style with new-school ethics.  This is one of the things that appealed to me most. 

CARIUMA’s dedication to sourcing high-quality materials, paying their craftsmen fair wages and providing safe working conditions are all things that speak to me. I’ve noted my desire to become a more conscious consumer and these absolutely check that box!  Plus you will also be comfortable while feeling so good about what’s on your feet.  #MoreMatters 

They have two major styles: OCA and CATIBA and both come in low or high options.  You can choose leather or canvas and almost any color you can imagine.  #TooFun

I ordered the Cariuma OCA Low in Samba Red Suede #SayThatThreeTimesFast

About the CARIUMA Fit

I ordered my typically 9 (which lately sometimes hasn’t worked with my toe) and these fit perfect. This beautiful red is the perfect Fall transition color (but there are so many good color choices).  For ease of entry, I opted to not really tie my laces but leave them looser so I can slip the sneakers on and off but if you wanted to tie them the laces are long enough to accommodate this.  #ImportantTest


So what have I been wearing them with? You’ve seen a few looks on Instagrambut pretty much everything.  #NoReally

Leopard? Yep. Leggings? Yep. A suit? Yep, even that too.  Here are three of the looks I’ve worn over the last few weeks in my new sneakers.

Playground Playdate

This weekend we met a bunch of second graders (and their parents) at the playground for a class play date.  I knew I needed not only comfortable but functional.  I knew I would be recruited to kick at least one ball, stomp at least one rocket and perhaps swing a time or two. #MissionAccomplished

Watching Boys Race Bikes

Race season is in full swing and I spend many a Sunday watching my boys race their bikes around in circles.  I’ve been known to race around the course screaming “Go, Go, Go” … yeah I’m that wife and mom.  I’ve also been known to climb on a bike if the terrain looks fun.  The course is always fields, the terrain always uneven and I need to be able to move quickly.  Looking cute is just a bonus.  #CuteMatters

Totally busted trying to get the shot – yep, I’m that mom too.  #LoveYourMom

Casual Suiting

I’ve probably said it at least ten times …. I don’t get the suit and sneaker thing.  And yet … here I am … in a suit and sneakers.

So, yeah, I finally get it.  It works – sometimes.  I’m not going into the meeting looking like this but I may certainly get myself to the meeting this way.  #CasualHappens

I encourage you to browse their full collection and read their story.  I have no doubt you too will fall in love with a pair (or three).

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