Continuing #PantsPowerMonth and answering a reader question today with “How Long Should Cropped Pants Be?”  I think this came from a petite reader who was worried they were too long but I can also tell you as a tall girl, I have the same question in the other direction.  I sometimes find a crop that feels too short!!  So where is the sweet spot?  #SweetCropSpot  This post talks about where the hem of your crop pants should fall as well as how wide the leg and how high the rise should be.  And lastly, of course, there is talk about shoes.  #AlwaysTalkingShoes

Good Crop, Bad Crop

Where should the hem fall on crop pants?

Frame | Niche

You should wear crop pants that fall between your ankle bone and the bottom of your calf.  They should absolutely fall below mid-calf (this is the widest part of your leg) to appear more flattering.  As a good rule of thumb, even the longest cropped pants should fall no longer than about 2 fingers above your ankle bone. This allows people to realize you are wearing cropped pants and not simply pants that are too short.  #BigDifference

Slim Crop, Wide Crop

Should your crop pants be slim or wide? Find out in this post!!

Slim Crop | Wide Crop

Does it matter if you choose a slim crop or a wide crop?  Absolutely!!  You want to achieve balance (don’t we all) and proportion appropriately.  The general rule of thumb is to match the width to your hips.  This will help balance your proportions top to bottom.  You can also set your shoulders as the balance point to slim your waist and create an hourglass effect.  The other thing to consider is your length.  Petite gals will likely want to choose a slimmer crop that is either straight or slightly tapered to create a sleeker look rather than cut-off.  If you do want to go wider, always tuck your top and choose a nude, pointed toe shoe to lengthen what you got! #FlauntWhatYouGot

Mid Rise, High Rise

Mid-rise or High-rise for your crop pants? Find out based on your body type in this post!!

Banana Republic Mid-Rise Petite | Hudson High Rise

How high should you go?  I’m in the highest rise possible camp.  This is not only because I want to hold everything in but since I’m taller I don’t want the crops to make me look shorter.  If your torso is shorter then you might want to choose more of a mid-rise to keep proportions balanced.  Choose a rise that sits right at your waistline and you won’t risk looking like you were swallowed by your pants.  #ThatsAProblem

Shoes for Crops

Do I really need to tell you to choose your shoes wisely?  You should always put extra thought into your shoes. #JustSaying

But the shorter hemline DOES allow you to not only show off your ankles but more importantly your shoes!  That being said consider heels, a pointed-toe flat or something nude.  All these options draw your eye all the way to your toes, extending the leg-line and making your legs look miles long. #LegsForDays

What shoes do you pair with crop pants?

Be careful with ankle straps or higher vamps that may make your legs appear shorter.  Or just put on a pair of statement shoes and no one will notice anything else.  Either way just be sure to have a little fun because those shoes are going to be seen!!  #AlwaysHaveFun

How to wear crop pants in the Winter

Oh, and when the temps drop … you can absolutely pair them with your ankle booties.  #TempsWillDrop

Notice the crop pants hem falls even with the boots – that’s purposeful.  You can also opt for a sock bootie that will tuck under the crops.

Next #shoesday I have another whole round of shoes to pair specifically with wide leg crops!!  Until then find your perfect pants …

Shop Crops

Ready to dip your toes into a pair of crops?  Here are some of my favorites and ones I’ve been eyeing to try!!

Want more style inspiration for crop pants?  Check out this post that shows how I wore my beloved MM.LaFleur Oshima pants about 50 different ways over the last few years.  #AllYearLong

If you have a question like the crop pants hem length, send me an email (I N F O @ M Y 9 T O 5 S H O E S . C O M without the spaces) or reach out to me directly on any of my social channels.  I’m always happy to solve a style dilemma!!