After tucking all my Winter booties away and unearthing my Summer sandals, I’ve had nothing but on my mind.  Over the weekend I took stock of what was currently in my closet and my gaps and then went browsing.  All that browsing is what led to this Summer Sandal Edit!  First – let’s run the numbers.  5842 Sandals at Nordstrom.  After filtering by brown and beige (my go to summer sandal color), I was able to whittle the number down to 2695. Yep, I looked at that many shoes!!  As I browsed, I added anything that caught my eye to the cart (60) and then did my down-selecting from there.  In the end I ordered three pairs (and I saved a few in my cart just in case – I mean you never know).

Since, you can see my current inventory in the graphic above – let me explain what I was looking for.  It had to be neutral because those pair with everything!  I had in mind something more minimal (you can see I don’t really have that in my current choices) and I wanted something I could pair with professional looks (I have casual covered).

Below is what I thought I was looking for and most of the sandals that went in my cart were some variety of of these.  I wanted something more minimal looking but not as minimal as my nudist sandals.   Last Summer season I had seen a coworker in a gorgeous brown pair from Brooks Brothers and they paired perfectly with her suit!  #OnTheHunt

My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (the double strap neutrals)

Via Spaga Woven – I love the addition of the front woven strap but these also come with a plain front strap in six colors.  It really doesn’t get anymore classic or minimal and these are still sitting in my cart.

Pelle Moda (also black) – This is another pair that is the very definition of minimal and beautiful.  These are also still sitting in my cart.

Eileen Fisher (3 nude choices) – I have almost purchased these shoes at least three times when I’ve encountered them at Nordstrom Rack (and it may still happen).  This is a brand known for comfort and quality!

Franco Sarto (6 colors) – I love the look of this one as it is a little more non-traditional.  I was worried about the comfort of the ankle strap but the reviews are all very positive.  This is one of the few that came in navy and a few other great colors!

Even though I found tons of options for what I thought I was looking for … the three pairs that ended up getting shipped all had a little something extra!  #ExtraLover

My Summer Sandal Edit

These are the three pairs that I ordered.  They each offered a little something extra that gave them the decisive edge.  I left a few in my cart (as already noted) just in case these don’t meet the mark.  Clearly I already have the Madewell ones in hand but I will certainly review the other two the moment they arrive!

My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (in my cart)

Vince Camuto (three perfect neutrals) – This was a clear winner for me.  It came in three gorgeous neutrals (I almost ordered a second color because I had a hard time deciding).  I loved the extra detail with the five smaller straps keeping them interesting but still minimal.  If I was only going to buy one pair it would have been these!!

Tory Burch – These were the exact brown color I was looking for and the pearl details removed any question of too casual.  These are gorgeous!  Nordstrom had limited sizing but they were actually on the Tory Burch website for under $200.

Madewell – These were simply too fun to not get.  I love the rainbow of muted colors.  I had been eyeing this pair from J.Crew but I like these better!  They also come with all brown straps which is how they made it through my initial filter.  There is also a flat version if you want a little more casual (or walk able version).  I will looked at colored sandals next #Shoesday so expect to see these again!

Designer Summer Sandal Edit

If money were no object then these ALL would be on there way to me immediately.  I will admit that more than one of these is still sitting in my cart.  #PlayingTheLottery

My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (the designer neutrals)

Chloe O-Ring – I love everything about these from the rich color to the metal o-ring.  #SoGood  There is a similar version from Bella Vita currently on sale for $70 that is sitting in my cart as a very viable alternative.

Jimmy Choo (also burgundy and red) –  Choo is always a win and these are color blocking perfection in the form of sandal.  I also love the red version!  #Choices

Prada (also white) – I wasn’t looking for a wedge or an espadrille but I would absolutely reconsider for these beauties.  #Wow

Ferragamo (3 colors) – Give me bows on my toes and I am going to say yes!  #AbsolutelyYes #AlwaysYes

Valentino – You can never go wrong with a little rock-stud and these are a perfectly minimal variety.  I instead ordered the Tory Burch ones but I also have these Micheal Kors ones sitting in my cart as a very reasonably priced alternative.

Ankle Strap Summer Sandal Edit

If you want to show a little more skin then a classic ankle strap is the way to go.  These all have an element of not-so-classic that made me add them to my cart.


My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (the neutral ankle straps)

Splendid (also in blue) –  Another 0-ring sandal that mimics the Chloe one above.  These were just a tad darker than I was looking for.

Splendid Blush – The blush color and the unique heel is what caught my eye with this pair.

Coach –  I almost ordered these but decided I liked the Tory Burch ones slightly better.  These are still sitting in my cart though.

AGL (seven color ways) – So much yes with these!!  My only hesitation was I wanted a slightly higher heel but these are absolutely still sitting in my cart!!  All seven color ways are equally gorgeous!

Cage-ish Summer Sandal Edit

I feel like cage sandals are kind of on their way out  – but you can still find tons of options.  I feel like these were less strappy than some of the more complicated cage sandals I’ve seen.  Remember, I was in minimalist mode.

My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (the cage neutrals)

Via Spaga – If you need coverage then this in the sandal for you with just a hint of a peep-toe!

Kork Ease – An slight upgrade from the double strap with three straps.  I also liked the neutral, rosier color.

Bernardo (6 colors) – I really loved these but the neutral was more grey than I was looking for … you should see the other color ways though!!  #InMyCart

Clarks – Another one that is sitting in my cart as a back-up to the Tory Burch ones I ended up purchasing.  I really like the look of these for a more streamlined look.

Toms (3 colors) – This was another pair that I loved but was just too grey (I have grey covered).  I did also really love the off-white linen one.

Studded Summer Sandal Edit

I’m a big fan of studs and other adornments on my shoes.  While I loved all three of these I felt each was a little bit more than I was looking for!  The GEOX ones are still sitting in my cart though.  #WaitingForASale

My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (studded neutrals)

Geox Studs – I love, love, love these.  They weren’t exactly what I was looking for so I didn’t buy them … just give me an occasion though and they will be mine!!

AGL – These were the perfect color but I opted for the pearls over studs.

Naturalizer (also yellow without studs)  – At 5’8″ I don’t generally do platforms but these were too perfect to not include for those that do!!

Wedge Summer Sandal Edit

As I noted earlier I was decidedly off the wedge train (I have three pairs currently) as I really wanted a different silhouette.  That being said, I love my wedge shoes so if you don’t have a pair you should absolutely invest!!

My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (the neutral wedges)

Splendid (three colors) – I love the color and the front strap details of these.

Lucky Woven (three colors) – I liked the blush color and the details on the front strap.  I also found a very similar silhouette without the woven front strap (comes in five colors).

Cole Haan Bow – If the Ferragamo designer ones earlier caught your eye then these just might be a great alternative!!

Cork Wedge (under $90) – I love my cork wedges for their comfort!  These came in a fun two tone (as shown) or four other solid color choices.

Colorful Neutrals Summer Sandal Edit

A few colorful ones were bound to sneak in here.  I will do a full review of colorful sandals next #Shoesday but all these I felt were more neutral than colorful!

My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (the colorful neutrals)

Coral (also cream) – I loved these in both the cream and coral color!

Donald Pliner (also colorful) – How fun are these?  They also come in a black multi-color option that you will likely see next week!

Pelle Moda Woven – So much yes with these!  I really, really like these but they are a little more limiting in their neutrality.  They are absolutely still sitting in my cart though!

Cole Haan Pink or Yellow (or Cream and Snake) – These were currently price matched at nearly 30% off and came in lots of different color options but they aren’t all on one page (more like five or six different pages).  If these caught your eye you might try filtering by brand to see all the color options.

I hope you enjoyed the neutral summer sandal edit …. come back next week for the colorful summer sandal edit!

Happy Shoesday!!

My 9 to 5 Shoes Summer Sandal Edit (in my closet)

All of my sandals in this photo are older but if you are interested, starting at noon and going clockwise they are:  Hinge Cage Sandals, Isola Shiloh Sandal, Hinge Wedge Sandals, Donald Pliner Cork Mules, and UGG Sandals.