I talked about making the investment to incorporate colorful shoes in a prior post about Spring trends to try.  I also said I had this trend covered.  And then I found these beauties. They are just screaming Spring (Virginia are you listening?  Get on board.  #StillColdHere  They also screamed “take me home”.  So today I am talking how to style orange-ish shoes.  Not an orange-ish fan?  All of these styling ideas also work for pink, yellow and red shoes too.

How to Wear Orange Shoes

One of my favorite pairings for bright shoes is blue (like denim blue).  It just makes them pop!!

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3 | Dress 4 | Dress 5

Alternatively, colors that are also warm in tone blend well.  Try tan, camel or brown with a brightly color shoe to create a well paired look.  Add another orange accessory like a sweater, scarf or earrings to polish the look even more.  You can also treat leopard like a camel neutral.  I opted for leopard with just a touch of color below but in this picture you can see how orange and leopard look great together!  Camel also works well for pink, yellow and especially red!!

J.Crew Sweater | Tote | Leopard Blouse | Cream Pants | Stripe Top | Camel Crops | Cami | Tan Pants

For the last look, go for some contrast with a coordinated print.  All of these prints have a hint of orange in them.  Some I would pair with a tonal neutral and others I would add more color (like the purple and blush)!  If your shoe choice is pink, yellow or red instead, just make sure the blouse has a matching element for the same effect.  Also, here is a dress that I absolutely love that would pair beautifully with orange shoes!!  #ThankYouKateSpade

Floral Blouse | Navy Pants (on sale and under $60) | Stripe Blouse (on sale and under $30) | Tan Pants | Floral Tie Top | White pants | Purple Top | Purple Pants (on sale and under $60 | Floral Shell | Blush Pants

Orange Shoes