Spring has officially sprung and I’m ready to embrace some of the newest trends, slide into spring shoes and tackle a bold print (or two).  What’s on my list?  Here is my top 10.  These are the 10 Fashion trends that I have been eyeing and shopping.  I covered a few of them already, a few have been around for multiple seasons and a few are making their debut this Spring.  #SoManyTrends

1. Dip your toes in COLOR

Let’s start with shoes.  If you only invest in one shoe for the Spring season then I would pick a shoe with color.  Coral, Marigold, Cobalt Blue … any hue will do.  The key is to treat them like a neutral and pair them with whatever you are wearing!  I have done a few posts this season already on some of the more popular hues.  See How to Style Coral Shoes and How to Style Purple Shoes; all the Spring Color Trends as well as shop colorful shoe trends.  I think I already have the rainbow covered so this isn’t a trend I’m shopping but definitely one I’m wearing!!

2. Go WIDE

Legs have been skinny for far too long.  It’s time to broaden your leg lines.  Try a pair of wide leg trousers as a great add to your Spring repertoire.  I purchased these pants and these jeans as my Spring additions (I already had wide work pants covered).  Newsletter readers got a tutorial earlier this month on how to wear Wide Legs Pants!!  #YouShouldSubscribe

3. Tease with TORTOISE

Tortoise Earrings Spring Trends Roundup

Bauble Bar | Ettika | Sterling Forever Hoops | Argento Vivo Drops

I talked about tortoise with shoes earlier this month but this is an accent that is trending all over the accessory world.  From earrings to buttons you can find tortoise anything.  I grabbed a pair of fun earrings and I’m on the hunt for a good pair of heels.  #WithTheShoesAgain

4. Minimalist CHIC

There’s been a subtle shift towards simpler silhouettes and cleaner lines.  Gone are the ruffles, cold shoulder (thank you) cut outs and other adds.  I, for one, am ready to embrace this.  I have no problem with these cleaner silhouettes!  The look seems easier to achieve with monotone color schemes but it isn’t required.  I already have several pieces in my closest for this one – I just need to pair them together to create the proper silhouette. #NoShoppingRequired

5. Go GOLD (Marigold)

Headband | Belt | Sunglasses | Earrings

This color is popping up everywhere!!  So many good choices too!  Don’t feel you need to go all in either.  Look for accessories or single pieces to add just a hint of Marigold to your look.  I picked up a Marigold polka dot pony tail holder and I already had a tweed skirt (see below) and Rothy’s in this gorgeous hue!  #MarigoldCovered

6. DOT your I’s

Polka dots are having a moment.  Be prepared to see them everywhere.  I have blouses and dresses with this iconic pattern but look for shoes and everything else head to toe to come adorned in dots.  #DotsAbound

7. All over SCARF

This is a another fun print that is having its moment.  The beauty of this trend is that it comes in ANY color, size and scale.  Want to wear you scarf print as a dress – you can find that.  Only want a top or a skirt – those exist too.  Only want a little accent and want your scarf print …. dare I say, as a scarf … yep – DONE!  I think this might be my new separates as dress wardrobe add for Spring.  Let me know if you find a good one!  #StillShopping

8. SLOUCH your suit

Suits jackets (and pants) are getting longer and looser.  Modernize this corporate world staple by upgrading your suit silhouette to this looser style.  I have a few that fit this bill already but I always keep my eye out for good suits!

9. ANIMAL Instincts

Leopard has been a player for the last few years but the big winner this year is snake.  I’m also seeing zebra and cow as additional alternatives.  Whatever animal you choose there are lots of ways to include a little animal love.  I’ve been on the hunt for cow shoes.  I know, I know, it sound a little crazy but if you can’t have fun ….  #HaveSomeFun

10. Pretty in PASTEL

Pastels are not big in my closet but I do have a few.  When I wear them, I typically pair them with darker neutrals (like navy and olive, they also look great with grey and tan). Not only do these hues play very well together—they’ll add instant trend to your wardrobe favorites.  As you can see from the inspiration pictures I like unexpected combinations.  Look for a Newsletter soon on how to wear pastel suits which is  a great way to combine a couple of trends!  #LikeNextWeekSoon

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