My MM.LaFleur Non-Shoe Shoe Review

Confused by my title?  Let me explain!  I’ve been working on an updated MM.LaFleur review for awhile (you can see an old one here and here).  It’s been well over a month (almost two) since my appointment.  I’ve tried to write my review three times.  I never finish it and I usually trash the post.  Readers asked for info on the sweaters (sorry it will be Summer at you won’t care about sweaters by the time I write it).   You asked about dresses (it may happen eventually).  And shoes.  This we all care about!!   #ShoesMatter

So why is it taking so long?  Because my last visit to the store I left empty handed.  Say What?  Yep.  I had two items shipped home and I ended up keeping nothing.  I went for two reasons:  the shoes and a new little black dress.   There was a little black dress (and skirt) that came home but I ultimately returned both.  I think it was really more a matter of poor timing than their clothes; I blame the Holidays and my closet clean out.  But forget the clothes for a minute (we may get back to them someday).  Let’s talk about the real reason I went.  #ShoeTalk

The Shoes.

The shoes were the whole reason I made the appointment.  I’ve been looking for new everyday black heels since mid-summer.  Yep, LAST summer.  You should LOVE the idea that it takes me this long.  This should prove to you that I take my shoes VERY seriously.  I bought new Ted Baker shoes during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  And while I loved the fit even more than my old ones, the finish wasn’t working for me.  I wasn’t convinced the patina I love on mine would come with wear.  Since July, I have tried so many candidates.  All rejected. #LetsJustSayPicky

My MM.LaFleur Non-Shoe Shoe Review

I was so excited to try the MM.LaFleur Ginger Pump!!  I wore it almost my entire fitting and I loved it!  But I left it.  For those curious they fit TTS.  I am a US 9 and I’m wearing a 39.  They also have some killer tech that should make them virtually indestructible and worthy of any super hero (or boss lady) but I’ve been unable to test that thus far.  #IWouldBeAGoodTester #HardOnShoes   I did also try the loafers on and they were equally fabulous … you can see a picture and read a little more about them in this post.  #CrocEffect

There are two issues keeping me from buying them.  I really wanted the croc effect ones (currently only available in Green) and they are $395.  I think I could get over the croc effect desires since black has more longevity anyway but my second issue was with the price.  And let’s be real – that isn’t crazy expensive (especially for a pair I would wear nearly daily) but when I looked at similar it didn’t seem necessary.  The Ted ones I currently wear (and love) are $195.  The INEZ shoes I love are $238.  L.K. Bennett pumps are $295.  The only one that even gets close is the Sarah Flint perfect pump at $355 ( and you can almost always find a small discount AND it has Megan Markle creds).   #PrincessPonies

For some reason I have not been able to convince myself they are worth the investment. #ProConProblem

There are no reviews of the MM.Fleur shoes and they can’t really be found in the pre-loved market.  This says one of two things to me, either people aren’t buying them or they love them and aren’t talking about it (since they aren’t getting rid of them).   So I revisit their website once a month, take another look, debate for a few minutes and never click add to cart.  #JustCant

Still Hunting

In the meantime I continue my hunt for new (or new to me) black heels.  My Ted ones just came back from the cobbler (again).  He let it be known that he might not be able to save them anymore.  They are nearly six years old (worn weekly, sometimes daily) so they’ve earned their retirement rights.  They can’t be retired until I have a new pair.  I’ve been stalking the pre-loved market to snag a designer pair at a great price and trying every boutique brand with reasonable shipping and return policies in the interim.  #TheHuntIsOn

What would you do?  Take the plunge?  Buy a known entity like INEZ or L.K. Bennett?  Is there a brand I’ve missed that I need to try?  #HelpAGirlOut

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8 Responses
  • Megan
    March 26, 2019

    Interesting thoughts on the MMLF shoes. I’ve been curious about them as well. Have you tried M.Gemi for black pumps? The quality of my M.Gemi slingback flats are excellent. I’m afraid I can’t speak to their heels. Happy shoe hunting!

    • my9to5shoes
      March 26, 2019

      I don’t know why I can’t get over the hurdle. I’ve purchased way less practical for way more money. 😆 I do really want the croc though … that would probably tip the scale. I think because they are just black pumps, I want something unique … my Ted ones have gold heels and gold toe caps to scratch that itch. I’ve tried on M.Gemi and liked them … sizing is always the challenge, right?!? I may need to look again though.

  • Alison
    May 12, 2019

    For a shoe you’re going to wear so much, why not try Manolo Blahnik’s basic black heel?

    I know it’s a HELL of an investment ($685 is stratospheric). I found a pair of his heels in a resale shop for $75 (unworn and originally $795). I thought all the MB hype was just that – hype. But the heels were definitely very comfortable. And they looked fabulous. I loved them to pieces. Like, literally. Here’s a kick ass pair on Poshmark for $150:

    Love your blog, by the way!! I’m in need of fashion inspiration for my reemergence in the legal workplace after many years at home, and I love your sense of style! Good luck finding the shoes.

    • my9to5shoes
      May 12, 2019

      Thanks for the recommendation!! I’ve had my eye on the MB BB for awhile and I’ve been watching for a great deal for a few months! It’s good to know they live up to their hype!! I ended up getting a pair of Prada Saffiano leather ones (similar price point). The saffiano seems like it will be much more durable and has a patina similar to my old Ted pair. I also think it is less trendy than the croc print so they should work for years!! It was a hunt to find them for a deal though! I’m so happy you are loving the blog!! Let me know if you are every searching for something specific!! Always happy to help!!

    • Ang
      January 11, 2020

      I bought the MMLF Grace loafers online from MMLF. I took the plunge even though priced high and I new nothing about them except for reading the advertisement. They are very comfortable. I’ve had them for 2-3 months now and the bottom of the shoes are very thin and are wearing at the threads. I plan to take them to the cobbler already. My worry is that I don’t know how many times I’ll have to take them to the cobbler and if the cobbler attaches something or resoles them, will that take away from the softness and flexibility of the shoe. Going in, I new my first pair would be in learning about the quality and longevity. This is my experience so far. I will asks the cobbler for his opinion and recommendations for this pair of shoes.

      • my9to5shoes
        January 12, 2020

        That’s good feedback. Your the first person I know who has given them some serious wear!! Seems like maybe I made the right decision because I am super hard on shoes!! Let me know what your cobbler says – they always know!!

  • Sharon
    May 14, 2019

    I just had a black pair of MML shoes delivered and I love them! I normally don’t wear high heels but tried them on during an appointment at MML and wouldn’t take them off. They are as comfortable at home as they were in the showroom. I have every flat on the planet but these are my first three inch heels at the age of 50+.

    • my9to5shoes
      May 14, 2019

      I’m so happy to hear this!!! I will be curious to hear how they wear and if they live up to their no-scratch advertising!! Congrats on a good find!!!

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