Today I’m talking tweed.  I love tweed.  I have tons of tweed jackets and they make me feel a little Coco Chanel meets Jackie O. when I wear them.  They are timeless and classic.  Tweed sometimes stymies people because it can feel so conservative.  Maybe I will do a later post on styling the jackets but today I’m focused on a different type of tweed.  Rather than center stage as a jacket, I’m talking about tweed as an accent – specifically a shoe accessory.  Today I’m going to talk about how I would style tweed shoes and provide you several example looks.  Most of these looks use closet staples so they should be easy to recreate.  #WearYourCloset

How to Style Tweed Shoes

Shades of Blue

I’ve been all about the monotone looks lately and this first look is no exception.  With varying shades of blue the outfit piques interest without being overwhelming.  You will notice in my selections below that I love tweed that has some color mixed in.  This pair is primarily blue but has a rainbow of colorful threads.  These heels were part of the Nordstrom Atlantic Pacific collaboration and can currently be scored for less than $40.  I would buy them but I already have the same pair in the blue-black colorway.  #TinyClosetProblems  J.Crew also makes a cute flat with similar colorways.  #ThisOneIOwn

Earrings | Laptop Backpack | Tweed Slingbacks | Sheath Dress

Red, White and Blue

For this look I chose three colors and found coordinating pieces.  I chose red, white and blue because it is such a classic color combination but you really can have fun with any colors.  I also provided two looks because while the Gucci loafers were the primary inspiration … they aren’t for everyone’s budget.  Notice I pulled in light shades of blue to compliment the navy and really make the reds pop!  #SoFun

Red Blazer (Alternative)| Blue Bow Blouse | Colorblock Cardigan | Turtleneck | Shopper | Loafers | Cuff Pants | Ankle Pants | Heart Purse | Tassel Loafer

Classic Black and White

Tweed is classic and your look should have a similar vibe but you can still also have some fun!!  For this look I went with classic black and white tweed booties (heels work too), added a structured bag and double breasted jacket but then had some fun with a pop of color for the pants.  You can use any color for the pop (these $68 pants also come in camel and stone) and any of the pieces can provide the pop – even the shoes!  #OnePop

Topshop Blazer (also comes in Hot Pink) | Turtleneck | Pants | Purse | Booties

Pops of Pink

Taking the pop of color one step further this time I opted for a pop of color throughout several pieces.  I again chose pink (I’m a pink lover lately) but any color works.  The blouse, purse and shoes all replicate these pink pops and tie the whole look together.  Notice the nod to classic still with a silk bow blouse and double breasted jacket!  #MajorPop

Silk Blouse (Alternative) | Blazer | Ankle Pants | Purse | Flats (also comes in black, some sizes under $33)

Shop More Tweed Shoes

I picked 20 shoes that I would wear (five of them styled above) to keep the list highly edited.  There are a few budget busters but most you will find are under $100.

Happy Shoesday lovely ladies!

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