This week’s post is all about what you need in a fashion emergency kit.  #EmergenciesHappen #ExperienceSpeaking

This post was inspired by a true story!  I don’t want any of you to ever find yourself in my predicament.  In December, I was traveling for client meetings and one evening I was attending a Holiday party.  I had come prepared with velvet pants and a silk blouse perfect for the occasion.  What I hadn’t come prepared for was the button popping off said velvet pants two seconds after I put them on.  Ugh. I’m traveling, I have NO SECOND Holiday outfit.  Double Ugh. My 9 to 5 Shoes

My problem was eventually solved by realizing that my running jacket had safety pins in the front pocket (I can thank some race director somewhere) and leaving my blouse untucked.  Not my first choice but when you have a safety pin holding up your pants you don’t really want the world to see.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Emergency Kit

My Old Emergency Kit

This whole ordeal got me thinking about emergency kits.  I have an emergency kit in my suitcase for these exact incidents.  Since mine was purchased as a kit I never really took close stock of what it included … until December!  #AlwaysInventory

  • 6 tape strips,
  • deodorant removing sponge,
  • sewing kit (black, white, red, and grey thread and 2 needles)
  • 30 lint removing sheets,
  • 2 white instant adhesive buttons,
  • stain wipe,
  • earring back,
  • hair band
  • nail file
  • blister pad,
  • shoe shine sponge
  • static guard

That’s a fairly comprehensive list packed into a convenient little travel tin but it did not include the one item I needed in that moment.  So what five items do you need to solve most emergencies?  While some seem really obvious, read on, I guarantee you will learn a hack (or two) that you didn’t know besides the old safety pin as button trick.

And on a personal note, these items have all been added to my emergency kit!!  #ReallyReady

What you Need in A Fashion Emergency Kit

Safety Pins

These are the best thing for fixing nearly any fashion malfunction.  During my last gala, I removed one of the safety pins holding down my dress hanging straps (I didn’t cut them because it was a rental and I didn’t want them jumping out of the dress all night) to help a coworker who had popped two tuxedo shirt buttons.  BTW – did you know you could get black safety pins?  That’s what I use the majority of the time because they hide better than the standard silver ones.

Here is a short list of some of the problems I have used safety pins to solve:

  • Rotating Skirts (pin the garment to your tights or undergarments)
  • Slipping strapless dresses (pin to your undergarments)
  • Zipping your own dress or jumpsuit (I am not sure where I first learned this hack but it is explained here)
  • Gapping blouses
  • Fixing pleats or gathers that have come un-stitched
  • Temporary hem
  • Restringing drawstrings
  • Temporary zipper pull


Forget double-sided tape strips ….

Related image

I can tell you that dress isn’t staying in place just based on sheer will (or double-sided tape).  Nope.  There is an awesome amount of something sticky between the fabric and those breasts.   And my bet is that is Topstick!

Vapon Topstick 1" X 3" - 50 Strips in each box (2 boxes) Hypo-Allergenic All Purpose Clear Double Tape

I’ve used the double stick tape from my kit but I can assert that Topstick is 10 times better.  Yes, I know it says MENs grooming tape (it is really meant to hold Tupees in place) but I am here to tell you that fabric is going to stay precisely were placed ALL night long (making sure you don’t have a Janet Jackson Superbowl moment during your business dinner).  I give you my Exhibit A below.  You can also use it for other things though:

  • Temporary hems
  • Gapping blouses
  • Keeping deep necklines in place ala Jennifer
  • Holding socks/stockings up
  • Arranging scarves
  • Pinning collars down
  • Holding shirt cuffs
  • Closing pockets
  • Tucking/holding bra straps
  • Closing wrap tops and blouses
  • Holding skirts that rotate
  • Hold the ends of belts worn with dresses (don’t leave it on leather too long)
  • Shoes that are a little too big (just put a few pieces of these at the soles of your feet to prevent slipping and sliding)


Despite my insistence on comfortable shoes, every once in awhile, I too fall victim to gorgeous shoes that cause a hot spot or rub somewhere. While blister band aids are great and a lifesaver when the heel is involved, they rarely work successfully anywhere else.  I learned this one the hard way when I wore new running shoes in the Tampa heat.  The seams mixed with my sweat caused the top of my toes to bleed in new and wonderful places.

Moleskin to the rescue.  At home I have the roll so that I can cut and shape as desired but since I don’t travel with scissors, I toss a few pre-cut squares in my kit.  And shoes aren’t the only culprits … seams, bras … so many potential problem children in one wardrobe.  Here are some other emergencies you can solve:

  • Shoe issues (fit, slip, rubbing, blisters …)
  • Anything else rubbing (tags, bras, zippers, seams … )
  • Nipples showing (enough said)

Wet Ones

Because stains are going to happen.  #Always

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes, 20 Count (Pack Of 10)

These work the best out of everything I have tried (even Tide pens).  They can also remove those pesky deodorant marks you get (usually on your black outfits)!  Get the travel packs – one for suitcase and one for your desk.  #CleanHandsAreABonus

Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser

With the white bootie trend in full force – if you own a pair you are going to want one of these.  Also works to keep those white shoes and sneakers looking white.  It magically wipes away dirt or scuffs.  Cut one sponge into four pieces and keep one in your kit, one in your bathroom and wherever else you might need to wipe shoes. A little goes a long way so there is no need to carry the whole sponge.  I wore my white booties for a week in San Francisco in December and this was all I needed to keep them shiny (and white) looking.

Honorable Mentions My 9 to 5 Shoes

The list above is my top five but below is a list of other things you might find useful (many of these can be found in the emergency kit I purchased).

Sewing Kit 

Even if you’re more tempted to fix a popped button with a safety pin or tape rather than re-sew it, a needle and thread is still a good thing to have to hand—and you’ll be amazed by how often you open it just for the tiny scissors.

Black Sharpie

Because I’m hard on shoes I often reach for a sharpie to temporarily cover a shoe mishap until I can get to the cobbler.  I’ve also cured accidental drops of bleach on black jeans with a sharpie.

Lint Roller

Even if you don’t cohabitate with any furry friends, a lint roller is essential for removing stray hairs, fluff from fabrics that shed (I’m looking at you pesky white linen napkins), and, well, lint. Look for a compact, travel friendly one that is reusable.  (I have this one).

Foot Cushions

If you are going to a trade show or conference or somewhere you will find yourself on your feet for hours, keep foot cushions at the ready to help prevent pain at the ball of your foot.

Extra Earring backs

A pencil eraser is a great substitute for a lost earring back, but you can also just toss a few extra backs in your kit.

Clear Topcoat

The next time you spot a snag in your stockings, dab a bit of clear varnish on the site to prevent the small rip from turning into a bigger run. It won’t save your hosiery indefinitely, but it will get you through the day without further damage. Look for a fast drying one.  You can also dab it on the end of a gel manicure that is growing out to eliminate the annoying hair catch until you can get to the salon.

Blister Stick

The second you feel shoes rubbing in that all-too-familiar, blister-inducing way, glide on a bit of this clear product to create a lubricating barrier between your skin and your shoe.  #ProblemSolved

Heel Caps

Because walking around without heel tips on your shoes is annoying!!  Heel Caps are  replacement caps come in black and beige, and slip on securely (no tools required) until you can get your soles to the cobbler for a more permanent fix.


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