My Capsule Wardrobe posts are going to look a little different this year.  I haven’t decided if I’m doing a weekly outfit round up or a final capsule post yet.  In the interim, I am going to show you how I’ve made some of the capsule wardrobe pieces multitask.  With just one pair of pants I was able to create 20 looks. Twenty Looks.  Let’s think about that for a moment.  That’s four weeks of outfits.  Clearly I’m not wearing the same pair of pants 20 days in a row but it does showcase their versatility.

My goal with these capsule wardrobe posts is to get you to look at your closets with super changing outfit powers.  I will say something I’ve said several times again … EVERY piece in your closet should be able to make at least three outfits in order to earn a hanger.  Clearly my pants have earned their hanger.  You will see more of these outfits and the details later.  Today I wanted to focus on just one outfit (kind of).

Remember way back in the Summer when I showed you one look with eight different shoes (Casual and Work) to demonstrate the power shoes had to change a look?  Well today I want to turn that concept on its head and show you one outfit (a burgundy turtleneck, pants and shoes) paired with five different jackets.  When your closet has good bones you can literally create hundreds of outfits with just a few simple changes.

Burgundy Pants + Burgundy Turtleneck + Burgundy Shoes = The Outfit Base

All of the outfits were created using the same three base items.

Rag & Bone Simone Pants (stripe version or black version) | Burgundy Turtleneck | Zara Booties

5 Amazing Looks

Here are the five different looks created by changing the blazer.  It really is only a change of jacket.  You could also change out your accessories (necklaces, earrings and scarves) or shoes for even more change power.  I added some style notes on how I might mix things up even more.  #MixingMaster

Look 1

I was so happy to find another outfit for this blazer that I love as it is one that I struggle to style.  To mix this look, I might add a leopard scarf or switch to navy booties.  Monogram earrings play up the classic pinstripe of the jacket and are always timeless.

Veronica Beard Carter Cutaway Jacket (old but you can sometimes find on eBay or Poshmark) | Leopard Scarf | Monogram Earrings | Snakeskin Booties

Look 2

This is another outfit where leopard would really pop.  Maybe some cool block heels?  I would play up the gold buttons with big a gold pendant necklace or big gold earrings.  A contrasting pair would be cool too!  If you didn’t want leopard shoes you could go with a leopard scarf instead (I would not do both).  #TooMuchCat

Parke Blazer | Leopard Pumps | Earrings | Leopard Scarf

Look 3

For this blazer i couldn’t decide weather to play up the red or the blue from the blazer.  I think either would look fabulous and colorfully fun!!  #LoveMyColor

Plaid Blazer | Blue Scarf | Velvet Booties | Sparkle Earrings | Pendant Earrings | Red Boots | Red Scarf

Look 4

This look I didn’t actually think of until I saw the jacket hanging next to the pants.  It’s the perfect combination and this just might be my favorite.  You could add some fun earrings or switch out the booties to subtle metallic pair (silver would also look great) or add a scarf tying in the two colors.

Parke Blazer | Resin Earrings | Metallic Booties | Scarf

First up, a classic Navy Blazer.  Mine is Veronica Beard but there are so many good options at all price points.  This is the perfect outfit to switch the shoes to a pop of leopard or add a patterned or contrasting scarf (I would not do both).  A pendant necklace could also add some detail and a focus point.

Veronica Beard Blazer | Leopard Booties | Scarf | Pendant

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