It’s bootie kind of weather and this week I’m going all in.  Everyday this week I challenged myself to wear a different color of booties with my work appropriate attire.  #GameOn

Some of the booties I am wearing in the challenge are older so I’ve tried to find a range of equivalent booties (and various price points).  So many of these are on major sale for the Holidays and I am of the opinion that your feet need gifts too!

You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook all this week to see the looks I came up with for the challenge.  I’ve also included several other looks over the last few years that show you how to incorporate booties into whatever you are wearing to work!!  #HappyShoesday

Booties for Days:  The Looks

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Purple Booties

A little bit purple, a little bit burgundy.  These hues look great with navy and brown but are some much more interesting than a taupe or camel!!

Blue Booties

The impetus for the challenge was all the blue booties I wore last week … clearly I’m a blue booties girl.  I’m pretty sure I could have gone the whole week wearing only blue booties.  My new Velvet ones are my current favorites but they are all good!!  Blue pairs great with nearly any color but I’m loving it with camel and cream for an updated feel.

Green Booties

I find green a great neutral with denim or black or go bolder with a complementary color like red or rust.

Red Booties

My favorite color for a pop of color!  These are always head turners and statement makers.

Pink Booties

My new found love for pink glitter booties is big.  Huge.  They don’t have to have glitter though … but they should.

Glitter Booties

I already noted my latest love of glitter booties … so many possibilities!

Metallic Booties

I might love my silver booties as much as the glitter ones. It started when I fell in love with silver heels and I really just wanted to winterize this love.  I’m also really loving silver paired with camel or cobalt currently.