This post is all over the map … you get a little bit of scenic Colorado, a fabulous new moisturizer and a review of my new TUMI Backpack.  How do these all relate?  Read on.

If you follow me on Instagram Stories then you know I very recently purchased a new TUMI backpack.  It was a last minute impulse purchase made during the final days of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  To be fair, it was an idea I had been contemplating for awhile but my hike in Colorado Springs with my TUMI tote sealed the deal. #DontHikeWithTotes

For the record that is me hiking in my Argent SUIT and the TUMI tote and wearing running shoes … may you never see this look again.  The suit is that good (even for hiking) though.  The tote … not so much. #DontHikeWithTotes

Totes are not meant for hiking.  Realizing that I rarely find myself in a circumstance of needing to hike with my laptop is kind of a different discussion but is hiking through the urban jungle and airports really all that different than the foothills of Colorado? #IVoteNo

Speaking of other discussions, it was this same hike that also led to the discovery of the greatest, wallet-friendly tinted moisturizer ever.  Allow me to be sidetracked for a really good reason.  Trust me your face will thank me for this rabbit hole.

Tinted Moisturizer you Need!!

I typically use Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer but I blow through tubes like they have holes in them and they aren’t exactly cheap.  While I was hiking in Colorado, there was a couple hiking the falls at the same time.  We then rode the elevator to the scenic overlook together (clearly they were as done with stairs as I was).

I mean look at all the stairs we climbed …

She was glowing.  I on the other-hand was a hot make-up melting mess.  Since it already felt like I was stalking them, I asked her what foundation she was using because it clearly had some serious staying power.  She couldn’t remember the brand but as we hiked down to the shuttle, she pulled out her Target App and showed me the No. 7 City Moisturizer.  For a mere $14 she was model material!  Seriously?  Done.  I drove to Target the minute I left the mountain.  What else do you do for entertainment when you are traveling solo?

Back to the TUMI backpack though.

My TUMI Backpack

It’s maiden voyage was to a conference where I was able to seriously test its usability.  Normally I have a big tote full of all the conference propaganda, my purse and laptop.  By the end of the day my back is killing me from walking around all day seriously lopsided (in heels mind you). #GameChanger

Not this conference.  No back pain.  No problem.

The organization took some experimentation but this bag holds a ton.  It actually holds more than my TUMI tote.

Here is everything I loaded into the bag:

Two Phones | Snacks | Kindle | Running Watch & Headphones | Mini Make-up Kit (for touch ups)

Purse | Laptop | Nail File | TUMI Pouch with Laptop Cables and Mouse | Planner

TUMI Backpack | Cord Organizer (see below) | Camera Bag (camera, extra lens, chargers and extra batteries) | Notebook

Glasses | Charging Brick | Sunglasses  #YeaIKnow #ThatsAlotOfStuff

This cord organizer and charging brick have made traveling so much easier!!

Back to my TUMI Backpack though.

I did second guess my purchase.  I debated on the fancier leather ones but the capacity was smaller in one of the options and both were heavier with less support on the straps (read uncomfortable).  How do I know this?  I was delayed through Philadelphia one morning so rather than get mine engraved (which is what I went to the store to do),  I spent the morning loading and unloading all my items into the two all leather ones that had caught my eye.  I then proceeded to walk around the store with them fully loaded and solicit comments from others.  The two leather options won style points but lost on comfort.  #ComfortFirst

I had my winner.  And my winner has now been engraved.  If you’ve been contemplating making the change you should stop thinking about it and just go for it!  #YourBackWillThankYou