I’ts time for another Rothy’s review … today I bring you my Rothy’s Loafer Review.

Python, Heather Green, Denim Blue, Marigold, Neon Camo, Green Camo, Black Cap Toe and Firecracker Red.  #NotAllPictured

Does eight make me a collector … a connoisseur … an expert …. excessive? You choose.  #ChooseWisely

Whatever the word, I love my Rothy’s. If you have never seen my original review for the point, you should start there.  If you are curious about the sizing for the round toe Rothy, I have one for those too.  Today I’m talking about the more recent shape addition to their collection, the Loafer.  #ReviewRoundup

I added the Loafer to my collection last Spring but before I shared my thoughts with you, I wanted to put them through their paces to really see how I liked them.  #NoQuickReviewHere

Rothy’s Loafer Review

When I first put them on I thought they felt tight, at least when compared to the flats and point.  But they do also fully enclose your foot. I ordered my normal size which is what I have done for the other two styles.  After reading several reviews where the consensus seemed to be to size up in the loafer I decided I need to try that.  And now you know why my review has taken so many months!!  (They aren’t free so it took me a few months to actually make the purchase – and I wanted to test the new size with as many steps).  #LotsOfWalking

I was finally able to make the size comparison when I added the Firecracker Red Loafer to my collection. I was happy with the Size 9 Camo but I’m happier with the Size 9.5 Firecracker Red. My recommendation is to absolutely size up in the Loafer.

The Loafers are the most slipper like of the three choices and I haven’t worn these to the office yet as I feel they are just a touch too casual.  But I do wear them endlessly on the weekends.  I wore the camo ones to at least three swim meets … because no worries if they get wet.  They’ve been to picnics, parties and on who knows how many errands to Target.  The red ones have had their fair share of adventure as well.  They got to go on one business trip and it seems those are the ones that get the Nordstrom and Post Office errands. #AlwaysRunningErrands

I still put the points at the top of my list but the loafers are a very close second.  And with the cooler temps of Fall fast approaching, they just make take the lead.

Rothy’s Loafer Sizing Details

Since I had two different sizes and all three models I decided to conduct some very unscientific size comparisons.  First up the lasts.  I did a fairly detailed comparison of the point versus the round already (find that comparison here).

After lots of measuring I finally concluded that the round and the loafer have the same last.  This makes the fact I wanted to size up somewhat of a mystery to me since I consider my rounds the loosest fitting of the three and wear TTS. This caused me to measure more.  #NoStoneUnturned

I made more unscientific measurements of the differences between my 9 and 9.5 loafer.  The last is about 1/8″ longer in the 9.5. There was no measurable difference in width anywhere across the bottom of the shoe.

On to the rest of the loafer.  First, it’s really hard to measure the tops with any sort of precision.  I tried both with my foot in and with my foot out.  With my foot in there is no guarantee that I wasn’t simply measuring my foot each time.  Like I already mentioned, unscientific.  If I left my foot out there was potential to “push” the fabric in as I was measuring.  With my foot out there did seem to be about 3/8″ more fabric in the larger size. I recruited backup and my husband concluded the larger size was a 1/2 cm bigger. #CloseEnough.

Curious? Want to try a pair for yourself? They are currently only sold online or in a few stores.  Discount codes are available to save $20 of your first purchase.

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Struggling to decide between style? See my original review of the points or see a see a round versus point comparison. I also have a Rothy’s SNEAKER review!!

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