I know my readers love their reviews (I’m hoping this Argent review is no different) and you know I love my unique pieces and boutique brands! Nothing is more stand out than that one piece that no one else has. I’m always on the hunt for new and different and this is one brand that certainly qualifies (and I’ve been stalking them for awhile).


I was first introduced to Argent them through @dcstylefactory on Instagram. What really caught my eye was the Women’s suits … with INSIDE pockets. I can’t count the number of conferences that I have been to where I end up holding phones, business cards, pens etc … all while trying to network. #TooMany


It has always annoyed me that men’s suits come with about 10 pockets and I’m lucky if I get two. #ProblemSolved

But anyone can add pockets to a suit … it’s doing it with flare and beautiful styling that makes Argent different.


Argent was founded 2 years ago by two women; one very familiar with power dressing (a bay area techie) and the other with an eye for design (a former designer for J.Crew).   Their goal? Parity in the workplace … at least when it comes to dressing.  #Success

At the brands two year Birthday party in their pop-up in DC, I was able to meet one of the founders and see her eye for style firsthand. And what an eye she has! Each piece is impeccable and thoughtful in it’s design.

I went to the event intent on buying their hot pink blazer but what I fell even more in love with was their reversible suit! Say what?

Your eyes are not deceiving you and yes, you read correctly. FULLY reversible. JACKET (and PANTS). Solid on one side and lovely plaid on the other! I run out of fingers counting the outfit possibilities.  What is even more exciting is the idea of traveling with this beauty!! Sorry tiny TUMI, I win this trip!

And now we go from the most practical suit in their collection to possibly the least … but prettiest! Why impractical you ask? Well, because this is such a statement piece … it’s going to be admired … and remember. This isn’t your fade into the background Hugo black suit that you can wear for three days without someone even realizing.

This is the piece you wear when you want that extra boost of confidence, when you want heads to turn and people to ask, “Who is she?” This isn’t for shrinking violets and wallflowers. This is a suit for boss babes who are making waves and going places.

The looks with this one are also endless … but no matter how much you change up the silk blouse … no one (and I mean no one) is going to forget the suit. #DidIMentionHotPink

The pieces also work great on their own for those days you might not be feeling full on pink. Pair the pants with a silk blouse and you no longer need to struggle with Mondays. Pair the blazer with black denim and you’ve mastered casual Friday. So perhaps impractical is a tad harsh … let’s just call it practically challenged (due to its notability). #NotABadThing

While these two pieces topped my list and ultimately came home there were so many more that were also very lovely.  #OnlySoManyDollars

The opinions posted here are solely my own and I was not compensated in any manner for this review.