This is not my typical blog post.  It is a ThredUp Goody Box Review (I know you love your reviews) but it comes with lots of explanations and introductions.  You might want a cup of coffee for this one … #LongPostAhead

If you are like me, every time this year, I hit the fashion doldrums.  I have all these cool new fall pieces (thanks Nordstrom Anniversary sale) but it is still ninety degrees outside so I can’t wear any of them.  All those lovely Fall finds are going to hang in my closet until September (at the earliest).  I am also kind of over my summer wardrobe … it’s a been there done that kind of feeling.  So I’ve been hunting for a few unique pieces to help me finish off summer.  I don’t want to make a huge investment (because the pieces are really only good for the next month or so) but I still want something new, fun and fabulous!!  #HighCriteriaIKnow

Enter ThredUp

So when ThredUp reached out to me to try one of their goody boxes I was thrilled.  It would be the perfect way to mix up my wardrobe and finish up summer with some new style while keeping my budget requirements totally in check.  I have sent tons of my no longer used closet to ThredUp, so why not try the exchange in the other direction.  #TryNewThings

What is ThredUP you ask?  They are the largest online consignment and thrift store with known brands and up to 90% off retail prices. ThredUp has pretty strict criteria on the items they take (speaking from experience here) so I knew the quality of pieces I would receive would be on par with my gently used requirements.  You can even find pieces new with tags!  #TotalWIN

Why a Goody Box?  Remember the above …. LARGEST ONLINE CONSIGNMENT STORE …. I’m not going to lie … it is kind of overwhelming.  If you are looking for something exact, it’s great.  It is so easy to filter by style and color and designer … but if you are just browsing it can quickly lead to fashion saturation.

Since I really had no idea what I was looking for … a goody box was the perfect solution.  Answer a few style profile questions and led the ThredUP stylists do the heavy lifting.  They will send you a box of 10 – 15 items that meet your budget and style requirements.  Keep what you want and return the rest (free shipping both directions).  They even have themed boxes (workouts optional, glam it up, tropical getaway, ect. ).  I of course went with the nine to five styles box!! #YouKnowMe

So without any more introduction and explanation, here is my ThredUp Goody Box Review.

ThredUP Style Survey

The first (and probably most important step) in getting your goody box is to complete a style survey.  You are asked a series of questions and preferences.  Here is how I completed mine:

  • You can select up to four styles for them to send you.  I chose dresses, jackets, handbags and skirts.
  • Pick your sizes for Tops, Dresses and Waist.  Small, 4, 6 and 28.
  • Set your budget range from the three options:  $20 – $40, $30 – $60 and $40 – $120. I chose $40 – $120.
  • Pick your style (i.e. classic, professional, vintage … there are twelve to choose from). I chose classic.
  • Select up to fifteen brands that you purchase (from a selection provided).  VINCE, J.Crew, Ann Taylor.
  • Optionally provide your age, weight and height. I opted to include this information.
  • Other preferences (optional but highly recommended):
    • Items to avoid:  I have a hard time finding pants I don’t need to alter. I’m good in the black department. No ruffles, frills, peplums … you get the idea. No cold shoulder.
    • Lifestyle and what you are looking for:  I dress business professional nearly every day. I travel frequently for work. I’ve been looking for a new statement purse. Must be able to hold a notebook. Nothing small. I’m not afraid of color.
    • Pinterest Board: Here’s my insta. That’s my style …. Https://

They also encourage you to favorite items you like.  I added about 25 items to my favorites list immediatly after completing my survey.  I then sat back and waited for notification of shipment (and checked my UPS app everyday).  My box arrived within the week!!  #OhGoody

My Goody Box: The Good

I was sent 10 items ranging in price from $44.99 – $399.99 (if I had purchased these pieces new the original prices ranged from ($119 – $1875).  Every item was at least a 60% savings and most were well above that with the highest being 86%!!  Here is everything that was in my box:

This Girogio Armani blazer was so lovely and a bargain at only $110.  It would have been a keeper but I needed the next size up.  #WideShoulderProblems

This Tracy Reese blazer was in like new condition and would have sold for $398 but was only $70.  I love the double lapel.  #SoUnique

These pants were my favorite piece in the box!  They were also the biggest savings.  $525 Akris Punto pants for only $74.  #NeverHappens

This was a brand that was unknown to me which is one thing that makes the Goody Box experience so fun!  You get to try pieces you would never have thought to try! It is hard to see in the picture but the waistband in patterned check making the skirt seem a little racer like!!  #TooFun

This silk skirt is a classic brand in classic colors; from DKNY and only $45 (and had pockets)!! #SoManyWaysToWin

You can’t tell from the pictures but this Milly Skirt is not actually buttoned.  It was too cute not to share though!!!  I loved the colors and the chevron pattern (but I also love my skirts buttoned).  The top was also included in my box (see below).

This M Missoni sweater was such a statement sweater.  The picture really doesn’t show the details; ruching on the sleeves and pleats on the bodice.  It was lots of cashmere gorgeousness for a mere $136.  #Seriously

This army green dress was from WHBM but was a touch too small (which is why I’m showing it with the jacket).  Such a lovely color and great material.  #CasualWin


This Escada dress was the funnest piece in the box.  I never would have picked this for myself but I loved the versatility and how you could extend the wearability by making it a layering piece.  Did I mention less than $100?  #TwoForOne

My Goody Box: The No


I have been on the hunt for a new statement purse and my stylist sent me some great options, unfortunately she didn’t pay attention to the part about ‘must fit a notebook’.  They were all too small for my daily haul!  #BigToteBossLady

This Rebecca Minkoff dress was new with tags but wasn’t my size or my style.  I also felt it wasn’t really appropriate for 9 to 5.  I know it isn’t all about work but even with a jacket this would still be a no-go!!  #NotButtonedUpEnough

Not pictured was a pair of St. John pants that were too large, a Rebecca Minkoff jacket that was too small and a goregous The Kooples silk blouse that was under $100 but too small.  #SadFace

My Feedback

The notes to your stylist are the key to success.  Be very detailed if you are looking (or not looking) for anything specific.

I was happy to have not received tons of black but I stated that in my survey – kind of.  I left lots of room for interpretation in my survey comments (black covered, not afraid of color).  Be specific.  I should have said I’m looking for a brightly colored jacket or a fun colorful dress.  Provide information about your typical style as well as colors or styles you will wear or won’t wear.

Explain your sizing.  I should have qualified that my listed sizes were standard and that I usually need to size up in designer.  I should have actually listed out some examples of brands and sizing.

As with all stylists it might take a few iterations to get everything perfect.  You should also expect them to push you outside your comfort zone and pick pieces you might not try yourself.  This is their job, embrace the experiment!

Bottom line – I had fun and I found some great pieces that didn’t break the summer budget.  I had so much fun that another dotted box is already in route to my house!!  Want to get your own goody box?  Try A Goody Box and have your own “Second Hand Clothes with First Hand Fun”.

Thanks to ThredUp for the opportunity to experiment with new ways to find fun fashion.  I’m happy to do my part to create a little less waste in the world as well as give a piece of clothing new life in my wardrobe.  #DoYourPart