Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Round Up Take 2

Okay, so this took a day longer to get published than planned but here is my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Round up take 2!!

It’s probably not fair to call this post Dressing Room Diaries since they occurred in my bedroom but the concept is the same. The nice thing about doing this at home is full access to my closet to really try the versatility of the new pieces.

With out further ado … round 2!! Many of these pics you have likely seen in some of the best of posts (Shoes, Dresses, Jackets and Separates).

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Round Up

Halogen Midi Skirt – This is good! This is the alternate print of the green floral skirt from the catalog and I’m a fan!!! Pairs easily with red, white and black! I’m loving the idea of a black turtleneck and white booties once the weather turns cooler. This is one of though pieces where the black could be navy blue or vice-versa. I love indecision when it helps a piece multitask.  Paired with the Chelsea28 turtleneck.

Majestic Turtleneck and Chelsea28 turtleneck – These two turtlenecks couldn’t be more different and yet shockingly so similar. I’ve worn the majestic ones for years and they are good for at least three seasons. I love them! I can’t speak about the Chelsea28 durability as this is my first time purchasing. It is VERY sheer when putting it on but doesn’t appear to be once on. At less than half the price … I’m willing to give it a go! Paired with the Leith pants an my INEZ pumps.

Tibi Top and Skirt – Do not buy either of these pieces unless you have committed to spending the money because you will not be able to send them back. Not literally obviously, but they are so gorgeous and beautifully made that you won’t be able to let them go!! I can’t even … major SWOON.  Ann Taylor has a similar top and skirt combination and a much more budget friendly price.

Chelsea 28 Smock Neck Top – I tried this on in grey in the store and loved the fit but not the color … the red arrived but is too small (I couldn’t be bothered to snap a pic). Now I’m not sure if the grey was a different size or if their sizing is inconsistent. I’m thinking the red is too similar to this top I already have so I’m not sure I will bother figuring it out.

Halogen Tweed – I tried the coordinating Jacket in the store (see it in this post) and wasn’t a fan but I’m a fan of the skirt!!! Endless possibilities!! So CoCo Chanel.  Paired with the Chelsea28 turtleneck.

Lewit Sweater – This is gorgeous and received rave reviews from my 6 year old but I wasn’t a fan of the fit or the sheerness. Perhaps one size up would fix the fit? I am wearing a S. I am actually wearing a black bra so it isn’t sheer as it felt. These are STS Blue jeans (read more below).

Each of these next two jackets have their uniqueness and I’m having a hard time deciding which one to keep. From the boys I currently have one vote each. #NotHelpful

Smyth Jacket – I love this one! The shoulder pads are going to need to grow on me a bit and I’m looking at outfit options to test it’s versatility but this one has possibilities! These are the Vince Darlington Shoes shown below.  The blouse is from the Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

Veronica Beard – I love this one for other reasons. Gorgeous fall colors, unique buttons up the arm … coordinating with the jeans! The versatility may be the challenge here … I’m working on it … look for more styling ideas next week. These are the STS Blue jeans and Blondo Boots (more on both those in a minute).

BlankNYC Moto – This is such a casually cool jacket that has been crazy popular!! This is my friend Kate from Haute Navy wearing it in the green (because mine is still “preparing to ship”). I have the blue Moto from the last sale and also the white one so I’m questioning if I really need a third. #DecisionsDecisions

Rabbit Fur Vest – The first words out of my husbands mouth, “You can’t wear that to work!” Really? Maybe? I love it but it may be just a touch outside my lifestyle. #NeedANewJob Paired with the Chelsea28 turtleneck, STS Blue jeans and Jeffrey Campbell booties (sale version and non-sale version).

Tahari pinstripe Dress – This fun little pseudo Sheath dress is a total winner!! It I didn’t already have two others this would be an absolute keeper.


Halogen Slingback – These are simply fun. They will pair easily with pants and midi skirts. They also came in leopard and black.

White Loafer – if you have wide feet then this is one to consider. They weren’t as white as I wanted and they were too wide. #Bummer

Vince Camuto Pumps – These are a solid candidate to replace my favorite peep toes which are starting to show wear. I still have one more candidate en route.

Blondo Boots – My first thought was the calf it too wide and the ankle rubs (this was while trying them barefoot). After styling them they have been upgraded. There are many pros … waterproof, lined, gorgeous – just to name a few. These came in four colors.

Vince Flat – I love these!!! I ordered both black and nude but I’m keeping the black.  See more of these styled next week!!

Ted Baker Heels – My favorites. They have added cushion to the sole to improve the comfort factor. They removed the metal in the heel but thankfully kept it on the toes!!


Veronica Beard Denim – Yes. Simply yes! AMAZING!! Petites be warned … you cannot hem these … I have seen these on folks as short as 5’1 though and above is a sweet 5’3 gal nice enough to let me share her picture. This is one I will be styling for you guys next week!!

39 STS Blues – Yes! Very similar to the ones everyone loved last year (without the button fly) and only $42.

STS Blues in Grey – Another yes! The color is unique and like nothing I already have.  Paired with a Commando Bodysuit and Rothy’s.

Le Skinny de Jeanne Ankle Jeans, Main, color, Forest

Olive colored Frame Jeans – Finally a no. Sorry Frame but there is no competing against Rag and Bone and Paige. Lovely color but I’m kind of over too skinny-skinnies and the mid-rise waist didn’t cover my mom pooch.

Paige Hoxton – Yes. I’m loving the lighter wash and their ability to pair with heels and booties.  I initially felt these were redundant to other items in my closet but after trying them with so many things I’m in love!!  Paired with the Tibi top mentioned above.

Frame Le Slender – If you saw my Instagram post, these are the jeans I have purchased 3 times. I picked them up on the first day, took these pictures and returned them thinking they weren’t all that special. And then I really looked at the pictures and decided I loved them and needed them. I had my second ordered cancelled…I’m hoping my third order arrives next week. These are paired with the Lewit pumps and a tank from Ann Taylor.

You can find my full Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Guide here. I’m going to work on my five favorites styled so look for That next week. #StillNarrowing

I’m afraid many items may sell out before then so let me know what you have grabbed that you are having trouble styling and I will create some looks with those pieces!!

Until then … Happy Shopping!!

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