There is no better time to buy work wear staples than during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Not only are the discounts fabulous and the pieces pre-season but you don’t run the risk of only getting part of a suit! It’s during this sale that I replenish the suits, pencil skirts and silk blouses that make up the base of my wardrobe. Oh, and those Ted shoes I wax poetic about and wear weekly … they are included in this year’s sale. #InMyCart #AtMyHouse

BOSS Suits

I currently own five BOSS suits (2 Black, Charcoal Navy, Pinstripe and Plum).  I won’t be bringing a new one home this year but I found a new black jacket (see above) that I couldn’t leave!  #happens.  I guess I know own six!!

If a suit is on your list this is the time to buy!  You save $200 dollars on the jacket alone!  The BOSS Game is strong in this year’s sale with so many options.  The material is as quality as always and the colors classic. This is a suit that will be with you for years. Be sure to buy as many of the pieces you can afford. You won’t regret it!


BOSS Jakinala (Navy) – This one is even more beautiful in person and so classic.  All four pieces are available (Jacket, Skirt, Sheath and Pants).

BOSS Julea (Houndstooth) –  This is the jacket I have in black and I wear it with everything!!  Houndstooth is so trendy right now though!  I do worry about the lasting power of this one but the pattern is so subtle I think it is worth it!  All four pieces are available (Jacket, Skirt, Sheath and Pants).

Boss Jolia (Patchwork) –  This one is so unique with the colorblocking.  Another big trend!!  The matching dress is even more stunning!!  All four pieces are available (Jacket, Skirt, Sheath and Pants).

They also had a lovely tweed jacket which you may have seen in my dressing room diaries.  I have too many lovely tweeds but if you don’t!!

Other Suits

There are suits by a few other brands that are worth mentioning.

  • Max Mara has some beautiful options but they are outside my budget.
  • Lafayette 148 also has some beautiful options but I don’t have any experience with this brand as far as suits go (only dresses and blouses) and so I don’t consider myself qualified enough to make buying recommendations.
  • Theory usually has a strong suit game but this year the one suit was too modern for my needs and the pieces are not as mix and match as the BOSS options.
  • Halogen also has suiting options.  If suits are a part of your weekly wardrobe you will be disappointed after a full season with this brand though. It’s a great introductory suit for those on a budget or those that only wear at suit occasionally but it won’t stand up to weekly wear and frequent dry cleaning visits. #SpeakingFromExperience

There were a few other one-off suits from known brands but since suiting isn’t really their area of expertise I don’t trust them to stand the test of time.  #LetMeKnowIfYouExperiment

Sheath Dresses

Suit sheaths are a no brainer! Making the suit jacket multitask is an obvious choice but in the warmer months the sheath can also stand alone or pair with cardigans and other jackets (I’m looking at you lovely TWEED).  Sheaths and dresses are my wardrobe staple!


Duleani Dark Blue Wool Melange DressDakirsa Nos Suit Sheath DressDajil Seamed Ponte Sheath Dress | BOSS Haley Jersey Sheath | Dalana Patchwork Sheath DressHoundstooth Sheath

I can highly recommend the BOSS blue one. See it in this post. The catalog didn’t even begin to hint at the possibilities in this category.  Look for more classic sheaths in the full dress review coming later this week. I literally had 40+ on my list to try on for you guys! #LotsOfWinners #SomeLoosers #StillSorting

It wouldn’t be a work week without a pencil skirt look thrown in!! While patterns and trending colors are fun we will talk about those later … today’s highlights are the ones you will keep for seasons (and match the jackets above).  Once again it is Boss for the win.



I always say I don’t wear tons of pants and yet somehow they are in my closet!!  There are days I’m definitely drawn to them as the attire for the day!!  I always buy the matching pants for the jacket and I often wear them with other pieces.  Here are a few standouts that caught my eye.  I didn’t try any pants on this year but I do already own a few of these.

Boss Tulea (These are my go to pants.  I find them TTS) | BOSS Tamea Dark Blue Wool Melange | Tiluna Tropical Stretch Wool Slim Trousers (I also own these and find them TTS) | Tulea Mini Houndstooth Stretch Wool Bootcut Trousers  | Theory Plaid | Theory Pattern

BOSS Roundup

Here are all the BOSS items available in the Anniversary Sale!

Silk Blouses

Silk blouses in classic solid colors are another wardrobe staple that will work season after season.

Ryan Layered Silk Blouse, Main, color, Cloud

BOSS – This is a gorgeous blue with the perfect no-show v-neck.  Pairs beautifully with all the suit jackets. This came home with me.  You can see it on me in my Dressing Room Diaries.

Lafayette 148 New York Shell – The perfect layering piece that you can actually tuck or not.  #RareFind

Vince Blouse – This Vince Blouse makes my list every year.  Always an on trend color and the perfect fit to pair with any suit!

Vince Short Sleeve Blouse – A short sleeve Silk blouse is great for seasonal transitions and this is a great color for Fall.

BOSS Shell – The neckline on this one in facinating.  This looks great paried with a pencil skirt but was somewhat akward under the jacket.

Work Wear Staple Shoes

There is nothing more classic than a ballet flat or pump (depending on if you are in the flats or heels camp).  Whichever camp, Tory Burch and Ted Baker have you covered.  These are the shoes you could (read WILL) literally wear every day I know because I do. (I’m bought new Teds this year – after wearing mine nonstop for the last five years!!)

Tory Burch Ballet – Classic Tory Burch Ballet Flat

Tory Burch Block Heel – Classic Tory Burch Block Heel (you will wear this for years)! Started the sale in four ckassic colors.

Ted Baker Ballet – I have these in a completely impractical Orange and love them!! The black, however, is timeless.

Ted Baker Classic Pump – These are my go to shoes for anything.  The metal tip and heel help guarantee they last for years!  Mine are just now starting to show wear after FIVE years!!  If you like the look of the ballet but want a classic pump then check out the Heeled Bow Pump if you want to be not so classic this also comes in a fun Blue Print!! (Update:   The heel is no longer metal but they do still have a metal protector on the heel bed).

I have a shoe round up coming tomorrow so look for more hits and misses then!!

Suit Worthy Coats

Probably the last piece people add to their closets is the one people often see first. There is nothing more distracting to a beautiful suit than when it is topped with a North Face puffer. #Dont #JustDont  The sale hits all price points from save to splurge so you really have no excuse!!  These are all the ones that caught my eye.

Okay, now that we have the staples covered we can move on to all the trending and exciting pieces.  Look for posts all this week that cover the best in jackets, dresses, heels, flats, skirts, pants, boots, denim, weekend and accessories (just in time for public sale days on July 20th)!!

Next week I will be putting together some looks for some of my picks as well as narrowing to my top five!!  Let’s do this sale!!