My husband coined this my trifecta … “it’s like your Birthday and Christmas and Fourth of July and the Superbowl all rolled into one”.  Yes, I know that is more than three (he actually rattled off a few more Holidays in his list) and why he included the Superbowl I have no idea … but you get the idea.  And he isn’t really wrong. I mean I set my alarm for 3 AM to get up and shop.  #WhoDoesThat

I attempted to place my first an online order at 3:12 AM EST and then I discovered our internet wasn’t working.  WHAT?  Why today of all days does this happen?  After waking my husband to determine the location of the router and attempting to reset the device, I resorted to my phone until it started working again.

I think I placed a total of seven orders yesterday (I lost count and they had some site challenges).  I did pick a few of those items up in store but most arrived earlier today.  After my late night fun, I then woke up (again) at what felt like a ridiculous hour (after staying up most of the night) to head to my local store to shop for the morning (hmm … make that the day). #ShoppingLikeItsMyJob

Today, I bring you my first round of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Diaries.  With this post you get the the good, the bad and the maybe of the items I tried on in the store today.  In true dressing room selfie style these were taken with pour lighting and horrible angles.  #SorryNotSorry

Anyway, here goes my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dressing Room Diaries … take 1.

The Good

Always start with the good.  There were some good contenders for top billing and lots of surprises (both good and bad). I think I have a few standout pieces that I kept coming back to as clear leaders … I’ll be working on the best of posts for the next week or so. Until then …

Boss Jacket


Boss Jacket – Yes, I know I already have two.  But not one like this one.  And one of then is getting pretty old …. #MakingExcuses  I tossed this jacket on over so many things and it worked every time.  #EVERYTIME  The red top underneath is from Halogen ($20 and comes in five colors).

Rebecca Taylor Leather Skirt

Rebecca Taylor Leather Skirt – Full disclaimer this did not come home.  But only because I already own basically the exact same skirt.  I wear mine ALL the time!!  Mine does not have the buttons which is why I had to try.  I am wearing a 2 but would have preferred a 4 so I consider this TTS.  The blouse paired with the skirt is also Rebecca Taylor.  I loved it with both the pants and the skirt.  The only reason it did not come home was because the dress in the same print did.  Such a gorgeous floral print.  Also comes in a skirt and I similar white print.

Rebecca Taylor Dress

Rebecca Taylor Dress – I wasn’t as big a fan of the dress buttoned up but with the mock neck unbuttoned it was adorable.  I am wearing an eight and I kind of liked the loose look but I also ordered a 6 (which would be my normal size) to compare.

Vince Camuto Pinstripe

Vince Camuto Pinstripe – I am wearing an 8 in this picture (I’m a 4) which is why I am holding the back.  The pictures don’t do this one justice.  Lovely and a great material.  I ordered the 4.  #Winner #Under$100

BOSS Sheath Dress

BOSS Sheath Dress – I debated on this one pretty hard because it is beautiful but finally decided the versatility wasn’t enough to meet my needs.  Plus I was going to need the chest altered and I was worried the beautiful stitching wouldn’t be the same.  (And I found one I loved even more).  I am wearing a four in the two pictures without the jacket and a 6 in the one with the jacket.  I was between sizes on this one.


Because I like to be causal on the weekends.  I am wearing and XS which fit.  I ordered a S which is what I will likely keep. (This may be sold out because I can’t find a link – I will keep looking …)

Akris Punto Sheath


Akris Punto Sheath – This sheath is worth every penny you will spend on it.  So gorgeous.  I am wearing a 4 but ordered a 6.  This falls into the splurge category for me but was simply to unique to ignore.  I also discovered it has a topper which I also ordered.  I will try and get better pictures when the 6 arrives because these don’t do it justice!!  #GORGOUS

Proenza Schouler Dress

Proenza Schouler Dress – This dress is Wow.  Simply Wow.  The mix of red, navy, black and lavender is just too fun!! The material is thicker and very comfortable.  It is also very forgiving.  I am wearing a XS.  This is another splurge and since I already did that (and this dress is similar to the DVF dress I purchased last year it stayed in the store).  #SadFace

Chelsea28 Blazer

Chelsea28 Corduroy Blazer – This is so much better than it’s $66 price tag!  This is one I think will be sold out quickly.  It also comes in a Navy but I love this rich tan for Fall.  The oxfords I am wearing are PIKOLINOS and they are so comfortable, comes in four colors.


Work Tote – I’ve been looking for a new work tote and I think this is the one.  Comes in three colors and two sizes (smaller size here).  My former Boss has the Light Oak color and it was a debate which color to choose but I really love this rich Cognac.  The shoes are Stuart Weitzman are come in three colors.

Leith Pants

Pintuck Ponte Pant, Main, color, Black Glam City Windows

Leith Windowpane Pants – I love a good windowpane print and these are so fun and different.  I will get a picture of me wearing these posted to Instagram today.

Note:  The pants you see me wearing in most of the pictures are my MM.Lafluer Oshimas. The shoes are borrowed Patent Jimmy Choos.  

The Bad (or The Not For Me)

BOSS Tweed

Boss Tweed – This was actually very lovely and looked fabulous with the blue sheath.  It has colors of black, blue and navy woven in the tweed but it was too similar to other pieces I have.

Treasure and Bond Top

Treasure and Bond Top – This top had a lovely print.  I am wearing a S but would have like to have tried the XS as it was fairly loose overall particularly in the arm holes.

Floral Top

Lewit Floral Top – This print was so lovely and comes in a dress, and a skirt as well.  I just couldn’t get on board with the uneven peplum.  If you love it though I would recommend the separates and then you can also wear them as a dress.

Halogen Tweed Jacket

Halogen Tweed Jacket – This one had potential (I also ordered the matching skirt) but the Fringe on the sleeves was too much for me.

Eliza J Faux Wrap

Eliza J Faux Wrap – Don’t let the picture fool you.  This is actually a dress and not a tunic but I was getting tired of taking clothes on and off at this point.  I think it looks kind of cute this way though.  This dress required either boobs or a cami.  I don’t like putting camis under my dresses and I don’t have boobs (34A) so it stayed but I loved the mixed florals (very similar to the Lewit ones).

Eliza J Fit and Flare Dress

Eliza J Fit and Flare Dress – It’s probably not fair to place this one in the bad category.  It just wasn’t for me.  The colors are lovely – which you cannot see from the poor lighting but it has pinks and greys.  The shape felt too short although it clearly is not and their was too much white for my liking.

Joie Dress

Joie Dress – This is another dress requiring boobs and or a cami.  Still don’t have them.  The dress was gorgeous if you do though!!

Chelsea28 Top

Chelsea28 Top – This is another one that probably shouldn’t be in this category.  I loved the top, just not the color.  It comes in three other colors so I ordered the red to try.

1901 Skirt


1901 Skirt – I really wanted to love this skirt.  I just couldn’t make it work with a jacket and so what was the point?  I’m going to wear a jacket 75% of the time….although it does look lovely on its own.  Paired with a white BOSS peplum and a black Vince Camuto shell.

Maggy London Polka Dot Dress

Maggy London Polka Dot Dress – I really liked the idea of this dress but I couldn’t make it work (very sad face).  The picture is in a size 6 which fit great – other than my waist.  A 4 may have solved the problem. Not shown is a very lovely slit in the front to remove some of the matronly feel.

Frame Blouse – I loved this top but I couldn’t make a jacket work with the peplum.  I really don’t need another blouse I can’t wear a jacket with but it is such a gorgeous Fall color and I love the bow!!

The Maybe (Comments Welcome!!)

Boss Blue Blouse

Boss Blue Blouse – This crepe top is stretchy and lovely!  I was looking to pair it with a very specific set of pants so that is the only reason it is in the maybe category!  #BeautifulBlue

Vince Houndstooth Jacket and Pants

Vince Camuto Jacket and Pants – This is one I am VERY undecided on. I actually love the ‘suit’ but I am hesitant on the Hounds tooth (although Hounds tooth is huge right now!)  I am wearing an 8 in the jacket but I ordered a 6.  I am wearing a 4 in the pants but will need to have them taken in slightly (I think a two would be too tight in the legs).  This is very stretchy and comfortable and probably perfect for travel.  There is also a matching skirt.  The red top underneath is from Halogen ($20 and comes in five colors).

Halogen Pants

Halogen Pants – More fun pants!! These came in seven colors!

Frame Denim

Frame Straight Leg Denim – This fit like a glove and were so soft on lovely.  I wasn’t bothered by the angled pockets like I thought I might be.  They were good.  Ultimately they didn’t stay because I have too many similar already.  This is not the Dover Blazer but it is the same color and would create a similar look.  Those shoes are the Lewit Pumps .


I actually started with shoes … but for you I’m saving the best for last ….

Lewit Pumps

Lewit Pumps – These are good.  I ended up going up a half size.  LOVE!!

AGL Smoking Slipper

AGL Smoking Slipper – I loved these but the 9 felt boderline tight.  I did not try the 9.5.  I don’t wear tons of flats and I fell in love with too many other pairs.  #Truth

Leopard Flats

Sam Edelman Leopard Flat (with little studs) – So adorable!!  If you still don’t own and leopard shoe … #NoExcuse  I will have a whole post of leopard shoe options from the sale next week!!

Franco Sarto Loafer

Franco Sarto Loafer – This comes in leopard, snake and tweed.  I had to size down a half size.

Cole Haan Wedge

Cole Haan Wedge – Comes in four colors including a lovely snake.

Eileen Fisher Wedge

Eileen Fisher Wedge – I didn’t love this one as much as I did last years.  It comes in four colors and there is also a flat version.

PIKOLINOS Oxfords – These are super comfortable and come in four colors.  Shown with the Corduroy blazer above.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman Heel -The shoes come in three colors.  I tried the blue and the black and I had a very hard time deciding.  As seen with the Tote above, the black ones ultimately won.

There were a few other pieces in there but I’m tired and its late … remember that whole up at 3:00 AM thing.  Over the weekend I will work on some round-ups of all the good stuff.  Look forward to work wear staples, jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, blouses AND shoes!! I am also going to create some looks to help you put together outfits.

P.S.  These are the items I ordered that I am still waiting for the arrival of.  I will do an updated post as soon as they arrive.

Clothing:  Halogen Midi Skirt  , Majestic TurtleneckChelsea 28 Tibi Top and Skirt , Chelsea 28 Smock Neck TopHalogen TweedLewit Sweater , Smyth JacketBlankNYC MotoRabbit Fur VestVeronica Beard , Chelsea 28 Dress

Shoes:  Halogen SlingbackWhite Loafer , Vince Camuto Pumps , Blondo Boots , Vince FlatTed Baker Heels

Denim:  Veronica Beard Denim , 39 STS Blues , STS Blues in Grey,Olive colored Frame JeansPaige Hoxton

I will do a round-ups from my try-on session for the shipped items (most arrived today) but it will take a few days to get it all posted.  I promise that will happen before the sales opens for the public next Friday!!  You can find my full Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Shopping Guide here and I will keep it updated as I add my best of lists and dressing room diaries!!

Until then … Happy Shopping!!