In case you missed the reminder post last week (and all the sneak peaks on stories) … we are getting closer to the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Today I am doing a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog preview.  I took my first peak at the catalog today and I’m VERY excited! So many lovely pieces! (And truth be told … the best is rarely in the catalog!)  I’ve been making lists and creating outfits all afternoon in preparation for the first shopping day!  It’s thoughtful to consider the things you will need and the gaps in your closet BEFORE your catalog arrives (or you click the link).  Otherwise you might find a NEED for so many wonderful things!  Find the full catalog here!

2018 Fall Trends

Before we dive headfirst into the catalog let’s talk Fall Trends!  There are some definite Fall trends emerging.  The catalog spelled out some but I have also been seeing hints of others.  Some of these you just might want to add to your list!!

Badgley Mischka Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Front Coat (Regular & Petite)

Trends that are spelled out in the catalog include: Urban Pioneer (think Suede fringe, Western prints, and cowboy-inspired boots), Modern Neutrals (like the statement coat above) and Retro Remix (just a fancy way to say 80’s inspired).

Avec Les Filles Faux Fur Lined Plaid Biker Jacket

For the 80’s throwbacks expect to see things like bold shoulders, ‘80s-hued colorblocking, acid washed jeans and soft leather jackets in ‘80s silhouettes.   You can also expect foil, neon and sequined accents to glam up everything!  I for one am loving this turn back to the 80’s (when I was young and care free) and the working woman’s wardrobe reigned supreme!  Yess!! Finally a win for workwear!!

Some of the other Fall Trends that I see in the catalog include: ruched seams, colorblocking, broad shoulders, , jumpsuits like the Topshop one above, … you get the idea).

Other trends you should look for during the sale: Statement and Saville Row Style Overcoats and Capes.  The Mural coat above combines Statement with Retro while the Lewit one beautifully covers the Saville Row style. And trends that are continuing from last year include Shearling everything, the color red, and velvet

I didn’t find any in the catalog but the cape is officially the new trench. While last fall everyone coveted a classic trench, this year think less practical, more romantic with a cape. You will also see similar trends with sleeves for those not fully ready to commit to the full on wonder woman style cape.  #Commit

Last year’s fair isle sweater obsession has morphed into graphic, colorful knits and chunky knits.  I think I like this trend better.  #NotAFairIsleGirl

Sam Edelman Collarless Chubby Faux Fur Jacket

You can also see movement influences like the Times and Up and Me Too (see this Tee) as well as a trend toward sustainability with materials like faux fur and leather – like the Sam Edelman faux fur above.


Okay, now for my favorites.  I may as well just go all in on Lewit this year because they are killing it in the catalog!! 4 of my top 10 are Lewit!!  #closetfulloflewit  Here all all 10 pieces that have me returning again and again to stare at the page and these pieces are all on the top of my list!

Lewit Bold Plaid Trench Coat

Lewit Statement Coat – This is the very definition of statement coat.  I’m in love!  #Literally

Lewit Sweater –  This one is pretty much a hands down yes too!!   Pair this with some flowly pants (like the blue ones from the Capsule Wardorbe and consider yourself ready for work!  #MondayApproved

Lewit Slingback – Um, Yessss!!  Comes in three colors including this trend setting lavender!!  #workdoesntmeanboring

Lewit Cashmere Sweater – How gorgeous is this stripe sweater?  Paired with suit pants and the slingbacks … 9 to 5 perfect!!  #stripespersist

J.Crew Dover – I have at least two other Dover blazers!!  This one is a definite winner!!  Also comes in black!  #PickPink

Halogen Slingbacks – These flat slingbacks in a gorgeous print are definitely on my must buy list!! Also comes in three solid colors!!  PickThePattern

Sole Society Talbia Loafer (Women)

Sole Society Loafer – I see studs trending for Fall and that is great because I love them.  #LoveEdge

Halogen Skirt  – Another yes.  Hands down.  No second guessing.  #swoon


Veronica Beard Denim – This year’s version of my beloved Veronica Beard Jeans.  It is hard to see the hem details but from this view they look amazing!! #Yessss

Sam Edelman Pump – More studs!!  Four color choices including white and hot pink #StudsAllDay (The loafer version is good too but I like the Sole Society one better).

Find the full catalog here!

Catalog Curiosities

These are pieces that caught my eye but have an element that makes me go #hmm  I’m going to need to see these in person!!

Rag & Bone Simone Pants – I love my Simone pants but I’m not sure how I feel about lacing up the ankles.  #CouldBeGood

Nordstrom Signature Jacket – I love the jacket I am just not sure I love the patches on the elbows.  #BaseballAnyone

Frame Denim – I am loving the pockets the most on these straight leg jeans but they could create a widening illusion!  #ByeByeSkinnyJeans #HelloStraight

Rebecca Minkoff Bootie – This is about as western as I am going to get but I love these.  Hoping they fit better than the Rebecca Minkoff booties from last year!!  Comes in three colors.  #verycurious

Nordstrom Signature Dress – I am both intrigued and appalled by the hoodie.  I need to see this one in person!  #Athleisureware?

Halogen Pants – If these are as good as the crop flares were last year then I am ALL in!!  Comes in seven different colors/patterns.

Eileen Fisher Pump – Eileen Fisher hit it out of the park last year with their comfortable pumps – I’m hoping these do the same! Four color choices!  #blushisbest

Madwell Tote – This could be good … or it could be too small.  I love the color though.  Also comes in a tan color.  This All Saints one is also a viable candidate.  #BigPurseGirl

Vince Flat – I love the unexpected and this is the very definition.  A little edgy, a little structured. Four color choices.  #Ithinkitisperfect

Spanx Bralette – I will still be stocking up on my Natori Feathers Bra but I am intrigued by this one since I wear the hispters and love them!!  #BaseLayerNeccessities

Missing from the Catalog

Theses are pieces I expected to find in the sale but didn’t see in the catalog!  #FingersCrossed

I didn’t see a great Suit … no Hugo (just a pair of pants hidden under an Avec Les Filles Jacket) and this Theory suit (Jacket and Trousers) which I’m not a huge fan of. Where are the skirt suits rumored to be trending for fall?  #CrossingMyFingers

There was also no sign of a Veronica Beard Dickey Jacket.  There was the denim I already highlighted and this sweater but no blazer.  I was told their would one so I guess I will just have to wait.  #SadFace

And lastly, no real eye catching dresses … this Maggy London one has potential but seems heavy and boldly patterned.   #HoldingMyBreath

Find the full catalog here!


So far it is shaping up to be a good Anniversary Sale!!  I’ll do a more complete round up once Nordstrom releases the web pages for the full sale.  I have my stylist appointment for the afternoon of the 13th so look for some dressing room selfies not too long after that with a round up of my winning picks.  I will post updates on social media (Instagram and Facebook) during the sale so make sure you are following both.  You can also use the Subscribe option at the bottom of the page if you don’t want to miss anything!!

I have a whole page dedicated to the sale with key dates as well as helpful shopping information. This page also has links to other sale related posts (staples I buy every year, etc).   In the meantime if you want to make your own list?  Find the full catalog here!

I can’t wait for the fun to begin, but until then, I will return to the regularly scheduled posting of my business attire of the day as well as capsule wardrobe and dogs day of summer looks.