This is a twist on the traditional one piece, multiple looks post. I dreamed this post up while sitting at gymnastics for the boys last Saturday morning.  It was originally created based around what I was wearing that day but I liked this exercise so much that I am going to apply the same concept to work wear.  Come back next Tuesday and we will remix shoes with a classic work look!

The point is to demonstrate the power of shoes to totally change the look and feel of an outfit. I didn’t change my top or pants for any of the looks … the only thing I changed was my shoes! In real life I would likely mix up my jewelry, purse and hairstyle too! #OnlySoManyHours

On Saturday I was wearing a basic T-shirt (here is a under $10 version) and cargo pants. On my feet, my new Rothy’s loafer.  I had started with sandals then noticed my 2 month old pedicure and remembered my need to test the new Rothy’s and quickly changed.  I’m working on a new Rothy’s review (coming soon)!  #PediAppointmentMade #ReviewsTakeWork

This subtle change completely changed the ‘vibe‘ of my outfit … and got me thinking. #AlwaysBlogginginMyHead

Shoes are a powerful tool to mix up your wardrobe and make your closet seem WAY bigger! They also allow you to dress for you moment! #ProofIsInThePudding #NeverUnderstoodThisExpression

So let’s begin …

Look 1

My Saturday look. The shoe of choice … Rothy’s loafer. It’s like wearing classy slippers. Such a great way to upgrade the everyday.  Read my original review here or save $20 on a pair.  To complete my look a black cross body purse because the use of my hands is frequently required. #momofboys

Look 2

Sneakers. The ‘I might have to chase a child at the drop of a hat’ choice. #momofboys #reallife (Two similar pairs with more sizes here and here).

Look 3

Sparkles! These are my ‘I feel fancy but need to be practical’ shoes. I wear these tons of Saturday’s to upgrade my mom uniform.  Upgraded shoes definitely require and upgraded tote!!

Look 4

Slip-ons.  The ‘I just rolled out of bed and we are going to be late if we don’t get dressed immediately and walk out the door look’. For those days you just don’t have time to think about it. You also don’t have time to tie shoes!!  #reallifeagain  My Steve Madden ones are long sold out but I linked a few comparable options below.

Look 5

Comfortable Sandals.  These are my ‘I want to look fancier but still might need to chase a child choice’. Practical sandals that are all comfort and some style. For this look brown or even a pop of color works too.  For the brown sandals I own this tote and for the coral I would opt for a fun one like this.

Look 6

Elevated Sandals.  These sandals are some comfort and all style. I’m not chasing a child wearing these sandals but I will look good while standing there yelling at him. #happens  Both of mine are from last summer but I linked some great options for this summer below.

Look 7

Heels! You know I love my Ted Baker heels … and yes, I can wear them with anything. These are my ‘I’ve played all day and now we are going to dinner’ choice.  Heels are an easy way to elevate the whole look. You can opt for an even bigger wow factor with a pop of color.  For this outfit I would have opted for red.  With a matching clutch, of course!!

Happy Shoesday!!