I was reading the Wall Street Journal magazine this past weekend and they had a whole article on the spring trends for purses. I decided to take these same trends and apply them to work appropriate totes. Let me start out by saying I love my TUMI tote.  LOVE.  But ….

The exploration for this post was enough to make me think twice about my lovely TUMI (so black and boring).  I’m still not giving it up anytime soon but the possibility to augment is VERY, VERY real. I could even augment TUMI style with this bright blue one or a floral one! #EndlessPossibilities

Below are all my picks for new trends in totes to take you to the office and much more!

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Bright Pastels

I think this trend is my favorite!  Nothing says spring like a bright pastel! We’ve seen everything from suits to shoes in these hues so why not totes too!  I purchased this pastel hued tote while I was in Tampa for my conference (it was an emergency the purse I brought is not big enough purchase).  The new tote is fun and love it so I think I have this trend covered … although I am loving many of the bright pinks!  This isn’t my first tote augmentation, I also have this tote in grey flannel and brown but I’m loving the mixed blush combination for Spring! #SoManyGoodChoices

Creature Comforts

You know I love a good animal print when it comes to shoes … so why not apply the same logic to totes!  While this IS a spring trend I was challenged to find many at non-designer price points.  Many of these picks are from The Real Real (an online consignment store) because a quality designer bag will last you a lifetime and why not find one at a great price! #Investment


Metallic Melange

My collection of rose gold shoes in slowly growing … a matching bag will be required if the metallic trend continues too much longer. I have my eye on the Bao Bao ones.  #SoUnique  So many of these are perfect for spicing up an everyday suit look!  #MakeAStatement

Logo Bags

Logo bags are back and bigger than ever.  This is one trend I didn’t embrace the first time around and I’m still hesitant to jump in.  I prefer my bags to look unique and different.  If I did dip my toes into this trend it would be with the ever classic Louis Vuitton.  #GoldStandard

Floral with a Twist

Florals are definetly a trend I can get behind.  Nobody does florals better than Ted but I found lots of candidate runner ups.  I’m loving the bright Tory Burch tote as well as all the ones with the three dimensional flowers attached.


Even I will admit that this one is probably too trendy for the workplace.  Something that screams beach isn’t really going to work with a suit!  These are too fun to not include but I would keep them for your weekend and vacation outings.  #NotOfficeReady

Happy Shopping!