A few weeks ago I had one of those weeks. You know the kind, right?  Everything that can go wrong – DOES.  I recovered over the long Holiday weekend and started the short work week refreshed. Except I was behind.  Losing a day of work was costly and I again had a challenging week. As I already noted, when it rains it pours! #Literally

See the pattern emerging?  Well after two very challenging work weeks, I feel it.  The job that I loved, has suddenly become …. exhausting.  Two internal reorganizations have left my office in chaos. Gone are our working groups and the notion of collaboration.  They have been replaced by “stove pipes” and “rice bowls”.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means.  It basically means work is … well, work.

If this atmosphere persists, I won’t survive.  I am a collaborator and a sharer.  I could care less whose bucket we are filling, I just want happy customers.  This apparently makes me alone, or at least in the decided minority.  I’ve been struggling with how to operate in this new normal and slowly coming to the conclusion that maybe I can’t.

Mentor Wanted

Before I completely jump ship, though, I want to be able to say I tried.  So I’ve been searching for a mentor.  Someone who can provide guidance and a brain to pick.  I’m struggling to put a face to this role, however.  So I wanted to ask this powerful brain trust of working women for advice and ideas.  Do you have a mentor?  How did you form the relationship?   How do I find this person? Do I look inside my organization?  Outside?  Does it have to be (or should it be) a woman?  Please comment, or if that feels to public, feel free to message me on social or send me an email.  I would love to here how some of you get through the more challenging times at work!!

Oh, and I need a haircut.  Actually, I need a new hairdresser … anyone in the DC/NOVA area have any recommendations?  Maybe that’s all this is.  Maybe I’m just having a bad hair month.

My Mentor Needed Style

Veronica Beard Jacket | Sweater | Similar Denim from Universal Thread

I wrote this post before I found the amazing Zoe at Code Salon who solved my hair woes!   If you are every in San Fran and need a little hair love – she’s your girl!! For me, perhaps having a hair dresser in San Fran doesn’t entirely solve my need … it is a rather long distance to travel for a haircut.?‍♀️