Today’s Tuesday Shoesday post is all about a brand you may not have ever never heard of.  I know until a few weeks ago, I hadn’t.  Well I can tell you … we’ve all been missing out.  The brand is INEZ and their tag line is “high heel shoes for modern women”. I couldn’t agree more!  They reached out to me to share a pair of their shoes and what you are about to read is the most glowing review I think I have ever written.  But rest assured, this INEZ review is one-hundred percent my own opinion.  These shoes really are just this good. #RealGood  Update:  I also have a review for INEZ boots.  You can find the boot review here.  #WinterWinner

All About INEZ

When INEZ reached out, I was thrilled!  Not because I knew anything about them, but because my black classic Ted’s are starting to show their age.  My first thought was … perfect replacement!  And then I saw the choices. #SoMuchChoice  I narrowed it down to four … black, snake, red and silver.

I really had a hard time choosing.  One day it was black, the next day red.  The struggle was real.  I finally recognized that the snake pair was probably way too similar to my J.Crew pair (see those here).  And while I don’t have red solid red pumps, I have these red pumps as well as these red boots so I resigned the fact that perhaps red was covered.  This left practical black or really fun silver.  I knew I would wear the black ones almost daily … but I chose fun.  #AlwaysChooseFun

When they arrived I was blown away by their beauty.  If you missed the un-boxing you should definitely take a moment to watch the videos because they arrived beautifully packaged.  Enough about the box though, let’s talk about the shoes.  #BeautifulShoes

My INEZ Review

I think these are the most amazing heels I have ever placed upon my feet.  Not only are they unquestionably comfortable but their design in impeccable.  They didn’t miss a single detail.  #NotAOne  So many winning features.  The leather is quality (handmade in Spain), the arch support thoughtful (not misplaced or bothersome), and the color choices classic.  From the cushioned insole to the quiet tip, everything is perfect. #LiterallyPerfect

When I first slipped them on, my initial thought was, “ridiculously comfortable”.  The heel seems to kind of envelop the back of your foot and the insole has support and cushion unlike anything I have tried.  They were initially tight across my toe box … not so much so that I couldn’t wear them all day the first day I wore them.  (Yes, I opted to test them on a day I was on my feet for seven hours. #GluttonForPunishment)  You know what?  They performed beautifully.  I have since worn them on three more occasions and the initial tightness is no longer noticeable.

Want to try your own pair?

Yes. Let me just answer that for you. Yes! Use my discount code my9to5shoes15 to get 15% off your favorite pair – including the Alta. #SizableSavings

INEZ has a wonderful try at home policy that actually allows you to try two different sizes.  You purchase your first pair & receive a second pair of the same style—in a half-size up, down, wider or narrower—free (and free shipping both directions). They really want you to find that perfect, made-for-you fit.  To help ensure this happens, the shoes also come in three different widths and two different heel heights.  #YouKnowMyHeightPreference

INEZ was extraordinarily helpful in narrowing down my best size choices. Yes I said choices with an (s).  I started with a 9, fairly confident this was my shoe size but because of the tightness I also tried a half size larger (9.5).  The larger size was decidedly too big and I stuck with my usual nine.  The fit is TTS and very comparable to Stuart Weitzman and Ted Baker.

Styling My INEZ Shoes

For styling purposes, metallic shoes should be treated like a neutral.  I have a pair of rose gold pumps that I’ve owned for years.  I love them – and while I don’t wear them everyday – when I do, they have this amazing way of taking my outfit to the next level.  Metallic shoes have THAT much power.  Below is one example of my silver shoes style – look for a follow-up post in the next few weeks with even more style ideas.  I didn’t get pictures but I wore them with my cobalt blazer one day last week and they looked amazing.  I have a cobalt dress at the tailors that I can’t wait to pair them with.  Even more ideas (and pictures) coming soon!

Red Raincoat | MM.LaFleur Oshima Pants | MSGM Sweater | INEZ Alta

Update:  I also have a review for INEZ boots.  You can find the boot review here.  #WinterWinner

And a review for the their Sandals.  You can find the sandal review here.  #SummerStunner

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