Remember way back in October when I had the month of me?  Hardly, right?  It was a while ago.  Well to refresh your memory, I upgraded my fitness regime and PR’d a half-marathon (more on that regime coming soon), tried some new face products (more on those soon) and also decided to whiten my teeth.
Whiter teeth has been on my list for awhile.  Years of coffee, tea and red wine consumption has left them less than brilliant.  So when Smile Brilliant reached out to me to offer a sample of their whitening product I jumped at the chance to try it.  My dentist is one of the more highly ranked dentists in the DC area (actually one of the 10 best), so professional teeth whitening through him just wasn’t in the budget.  #SmileBrilliantIS

My Smile Brilliant Review

The process is really quite simply.  Order a kit.  Make molds of your teeth and when those molds return start whitening.  The whole process can be done in 7 – 14 sessions (about an hour each).  It really is that simple. 

When my kit arrived, I opened it up like a kid at Christmas.  I read through every bit of information and then set about making molds.  It was so fun.  You mix two different compounds together (think Playdoh), place them in a tray, place the tray in your mouth and bite.  Making the molds was such an easy process, and they send extra molding (in case you screw up) so little man got to play too.  He had fun making molds for his Pokemon characters. After they dry over night, place them in an envelope provided and off to the lab they go.  Once you send the molds off it takes about a week to get them back.  #USPSForTheWin

Smile Brilliant Whitening Process

With my perfectly fitting custom molds in hand, I was eager to get started, I again read through all the materials about the Smile Brilliant Whitening Process and dove in!  I followed the directions precisely, filling the molds with ¼ of a syringe of whitening gel,  then put them in while I watched a recorded episode of Homeland.  I’m still in Season One so don’t spoil anything for me. #NoSpoilerAlert

After 45 minutes I removed them.  I was BLOWN AWAY by what 45 minutes did.  First, I was apparently a little light handed with the gel as I only whitened the tips of my teeth.  But man were they WHITE!  My teeth looked like I had given them a French manicure.  I wish I had taken a picture of this!!  Hilarity aside, the tips were seriously so white!  I was amazed.  I couldn’t wait to actually try my whole tooth.  ☺ The second night I used 1/3 of a syringe and left it on a little longer.  Beautiful.  Perfectly beautiful.  I seriously could have happily stopped there but I still had three more syringes.  #MakeThemBrightWhite

All told, it worked out to be 12 whitening sessions which I did every other night – each for about an hour.  The process took a little over a month (I took a week off over the holidays due to illness).  It was so easy.  One hour every other evening, which I spent watching television, reading or blogging and then it was off to sleep.  The process included some desensitizing gel which was allowed to work its magic overnight.

I’m VERY impressed with the outcome.  I’ve taken years of age off my teeth and they are now a lovely white color (as they should be).  #MissionAccomplished

Want White Teeth Too

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**Thanks to Smile Brilliant for providing the kit.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.  I am truly impressed with the product and the amount of improvement I was able to see in such a short amount of time.  

How to Whiten Your Teeth