Floral Shoesday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a traditional Shoesday post but with all the lovely Spring shoes popping up – the time is now!!  While browsing Nordstrom new arrivals the other day, I was drawn to all the pretty floral pumps.  So many Ted Baker like pumps making early Spring arrivals.  I clicked on three different pairs before I made the connection that one, there were so many cool options and two, I clearly need a pair (or two).  So without fuhrer ado, I bring you Floral Shoesday starting with the two I brought home (in theory for further down selection)!  #CouldHappen

I tried these Steve Madden pumps on in a different color because my Nordstrom didn’t have this pattern in my size.  It was a good thing I did though, because I needed to size up a half-size.  I then had the floral pattern in the correct size shipped to my house.  #EvenBetterInPerson

These Sam Edelman ones were the first ones I found.  I’m loving the Blush on Navy combination – so much potential.  The Sam Edelman Hazel in a 9 – 5 staple that many wearers swear by.

Styling Floral Pumps

A floral print is classic that never goes out of style!  While it is much more common to see it on dresses and blouses than shoes, it works the same! Floral shoes provide an opportunity for an infusion of color and personality.  And nothing says more feminine or beautiful than a soft floral print on your feet.  Stymied on how to style them?  Making them a statement shoe paired with a suit is easy (and a definite yes)!  But there are lots of other ways to work a floral shoe into a work appropriate outfit.

1. Make a Statement

The easiest way to incorporate a floral shoe is to simply use it to make a statement.  This works with suits, monotone looks, sheath dresses or classic color pairings.   Feeling a little bolder?  Add a pop of matching color with an accessory ( think scarf, purse or necklace).  Here is classic cream and red or white and black paired with a statement shoe.

Ivory Silk Blouse | Red Pencil Skirt | Ivory Floral Pump | Red Earrings | Black Floral Pump| Bracelet | Black Pencil Skirt | White Silk Blouse

Create a similar effect with a sheath dress.  Choose a neutral base like navy or a bright teal and pair it with a floral pump.  Add an eye catching necklace to really make things pop.  See the same idea below on Amal Clooney.

Navy Sheath Dress | Navy Floral Pump | Bead Collar Necklace | Pink Necklace | Pink Pump | Teal Sheath Dress

Madewell Jacket | Sheath Dress | Briefcase (also available in red for a real pop!) | Floral Pumps

2. Floral and Stripes

My favorite flower power combination is floral and stripes.  You can see an example of this concept with clothing here, here or here but the same works for shoes.  Pair a floral pump with a striped blouse or skirt.  They key is to keep the colors similar and in the same palette.

Navy Silk Blouse | Navy Floral Pump | Stripe Wrap Skirt | Floral Blouse | Blush Pump 

3. Floral on Floral

For the boldest statement yet pair floral heels with a floral blazer or blouse.  I created a toned down version above using subtle floral shoes.  If you want to pair floral on floral be certain to pair similar colors and patterns.  This also works with accessories … a floral bag, clutch or scarf (again, in similar colors and patterns).

4. Floral with Denim (Casual Friday Anyone?)

If you aren’t ready for the full garden effect, opt in gently with denim.  Start out with a business casual or weekend look.  Pair jeans (or chinos) with a crisp button down and if you need to be a touch more formal simply add a blazer.  It’s an upgraded casual Friday look that is sure to get you compliments.  You will see me in this exact look on the next Casual Friday my schedule allows!

Blush Blouse | Pink Linen Blouse | Tie Pink Blouse | Treasure and Bond Blouse | Denim | Floral Pump | Necklace | J. Crew Blazer | Knit Blazer | Veronica Beard Blazer

Floral Shoesday Picks

Floral Pumps to drool over.  All of these shoes were used in the styling ideas above but here I also suggest what color suit I would pair with each option with for a formal look.  #TheShoesMakeTheSuit

I love how vibrant and multi-colored this pair is.  I would pair these with a black suit or a red pencil skirt and cream colored blouse.  #ClassicStatement


Another Sam Edelman Hazel Pump.  With a Navy base these beauties are perfect to accompany a Navy Suit.  They would also look great with several different colors of blue sheath dress.

Ted Baker is the king of floral pumps.  With good reason.  They are always gorgeous.  #GORGEOUS  The subtle blush and lavender tones will transitional perfectly to Spring.  I would pair these with a grey suit.  You could also opt for a black pencil skirt with a crisp white silk blouse.

There is nothing subtle about these Jessica Simpson pumps.  They are a statement shoe.  These might be a challenge for some offices but perfect for a Spring Wedding.  Pair with a gorgeous dress and you’re done.  They also come in a more subtle blush color that is absolutely work appropriate.

Even More Floral Shoesday Picks

Still can’t get enough?  Here’s a few more (okay twenty) in prices ranging from $15 to $298.  Happy Shoe Shopping!


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