Over the holidays I purchased a new laptop and I received this gorgeous bag from the Bag Styler to carry it in. I should be thrilled! #SmilingEartoEar  So what makes me grit my teeth? Before we get to the Bag Styler review let me explain!

I’ve been silent about work for quite a few months because we’ve had changes.  Lots of changes. I’ve been letting the dust settle but it’s time to start sharing. I’ll get to everything eventually but I’m going to start with my most recent annoyance.

Big companies love policy. LOVE.

As my little company has been swallowed up by giants over the last eight years (3 so far) I’ve been challenged by process and policy that generally makes doing my job harder (or at least make it take longer). I’ve taken most of these changes in-stride (not without grumbling mind you) but one of the more recent changes caused me to make some pretty major changes personally and I don’t like being inconvenienced. #DoesAnyone

What has me so annoyed?  My company no longer allows any personal activities on our corporate laptops. No email, no music, no photos, no documents. NADA. I get it. I really do. But fully ‘getting it’ also meant I had to get a personal laptop. And a bag to carry it.

I think the situation ended in my favor though. I now have two new beautiful accessories in my working world – my Bag Styler laptop bag and my HP Spectre.  You should see these beauties in person. Both would make you drool.  #SeriouslyDrool

The Bag Styler Review

Because I don’t carry my personal laptop everyday (and I already have a laptop bag for work), I wanted something small and versatile.  What you really see here is two in one. It’s the Seattle Sleeve and the Toronto Tote from The Bag Styler.  You can use just the sleeve, just the tote or combine both.  Because it’s really two you can also mix and match colors to fit your personality and style. I had the hardest time deciding … black and pink … navy and white … I finally settled on this cognac and cream with gold finishes (you can also choose silver and rose).

That’s not the best part though. You can also personalize your bag with a name. I originally wanted 9to5 but they don’t have numbers. Now I’m glad they didn’t because I think BOSS makes a much better statement. #Goals

Another advantage, since the pieces are separate I can toss the laptop sleeve in my Tumi when I’m traveling.  And now I’m that girl. It was bad enough when I was carrying two phones but now … yep, you guessed it! Two laptops too. At least I’m doing it in style.

HP Spectre

And now new accessory number two … the laptop. This little laptop is actually a workhorse posing as a beautiful accessory.  Everything related to My 9 to 5 Shoes is now created solely on this lovely new laptop (HP Spectre (Amazon) /HP Spectre (HP).   It’s seamless to you but it did take me a few weeks to get everything set up and moved over to the new laptop. (You may have noticed my posting slowed to a trickle during the transition process). I have one more software piece to add and then we are good to go! Look for fancy new content to go with my fancy new laptop. #Justkidding  I will provide a more comprehensive review of my new toy once I’ve been able to play more but it’s good!  #ReallyGood

This isn’t the last you will hear of all my fun work changes but it may be the prettiest post you will see about them!  Yeah for beautiful bags and laptops to put in them.