BetaBrand Yoga Dress Pants Review

This BetaBrand Yoga Dress Pants review was a reader request.  After I reviewed the Betabrand shoes one of you lovely ladies reached out to ask if I would PLEASE review the yoga dress pants.  I’m sure at some point – if you are on social media even a little – you’ve probably seen an advertisement for BetaBrand.  Particularly for their Dress Yoga Pants.  Yoga pants for the office? Yeah, trust me, it took me awhile.  A long while.  As I mentioned in the shoe review, I was even in the retail store on one of my visits to San Francisco.

No way, I said.

No. Not. Ever.

Never say never.  Because fast forward a year later and I might seriously consider wearing them every day.  There is a reason these are their most popular crowdfunded product ever!  Billed as professional-looking work wear that can double as workout wear (I wouldn’t actually recommend doing that) … #ThinkCOMFORTABLE.

There are 820 reviews on the betabrand site (for the straight leg version alone).  I could see why readers were requesting another review though.  The reviews are all over the map.  Some of the more recent reviews implied the quality was different (possibly consistent with the the lowering of the price from $78 to $58).  There were those that loved them, others not so much.  Some reviewers said they were too long while others said perfect length.  #SeriouslyALLOverTheMap

There was only one way to settle this.  Order them.  I took advantage of their black Friday sales and ordered myself a pair.  In hindsight, I should have ordered five pairs, but more on that in a minute.

BetaBrand Review – The GOOD My 9 to 5 Shoes

I love them.  #LOVE

They are nice and thick and I don’t worry they are too legging like for the office. #NotAthleisure

They don’t stretch as I wear them. #NoSaggyKnees (#OrButt)

The black is lovely and rich in color (although does not match my Hugo Boss Suit jacket).

I can throw them in the washer (no dry cleaning required). #Really

They are crazy comfortable (perfect for travel days)!

Curious?  Want to try a pair for yourself?  They are currently only sold in their San Francisco store or online, if you use this link you can save $15 off your first purchase ($75 or more). #winning

BetaBrand Review – The BAD My 9 to 5 Shoes

I felt that determining the proper size and length to order was challenging.  As I already mentioned, the reviews are all over the map.  There was also mention of shrinking.  Shrinking terrifies me.  I was stymied.  I have a 28″ waist, 38″ hips which puts me solidly in the Medium.  However, after reading through the reviews and comparing sizes I opted for a Small.  On to length – I’m taller (5’8″) with longer legs (I typically like a 33″ inseam for heels) so I opted for a Tall.

I really wish I had ordered a Small, Small Tall, Medium and Medium Tall.  I also ordered the straight leg but wish I would have ordered a boot cut for comparison. That’s a lot of ordering (but they do have an easy return process).  I just placed an order for Medium Boot Cut and I will add to the review once I’ve had a chance to evaluate them.

Mine are going to need to be hemmed (alot!).  I haven’t done this yet because I’m waiting for the dreaded shrinking to occur.  I’ve been using hem tape as an interim solution.  I have washed them three times now (line dry) and there has yet to be any shrinking.  I think I’m finally convinced shrinking will not happen (maybe people put them in the dryer?)   The only other bad in my review is ‘maybe‘ the button and the belt loops.  I’m still on the fence on these features.  I find the button unnecessary (they are trying to make them look like pants).  I did use the belt loops one day just to try and sway myself in one direction or the other.  #DidntWork  Both could easily be removed if it was a real showstopper.

Styling BetaBrand Dress Yoga Pants

I’ve tucked blouses in and left them untucked.  They have been paired with sweaters, blazers and blouses all successfully.  The pants are as easy to style as traditional pants.  Because mine are currently too long I have only worn them with platform booties but once hemmed they will pair great with heels.  Hemming them even more, they would style just as nicely with ballet flats. My 9 to 5 Shoes

My blazer preference for these pants is for a more boyfriend style.  This gives booty coverage and I think makes them look more professional but I did pair them with my notch blazer and silk blouse and felt just fine and formal enough.  #PersonalPreference

The opinions posted here are solely my own and I was not compensated in any manner for this review. If you use my link to purchase a pair of Betabrand Pants (or shoes or whatever strikes your fancy), you will save $15 and I will earn $15.  Somehow I think we both win … and your butt will definitely thank you! 

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3 Responses
  • Christine
    February 19, 2018

    Thanks for reviewing them. I’ve been curious but didn’t want to pull the trigger just based on their ads. None of your pics show the bottom half of the pants. Do you have any full length pics?

    • my9to5shoes
      February 19, 2018

      When I shot the pictures for the post mine hadn’t been hemmed yet … I was still using the hem tape … so while I was perfectly comfortable walking around in public all day I refrained from including this in pictures. #NotLogicalIKnow

      There is one in the Capsule Wardrobe Week 3 Round up on Day 2.

  • Desiree
    July 18, 2018

    I tried and love these!

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