Boots with Suits!  

So I’m packing for my trip to the Midwest on Sunday evening when I check the weather and quickly learn that I’m traveling to the land of snow.  It doesn’t happen everyday, but every once in awhile I have to pair snow boots with suits. #Unfortunately

But having to do it for this trip makes it the perfect time to revive an old post talking about boots as a style (YES!) for the office (find the original post here)! I should clarify that it is really only a style (YES!) when it is snowing. #ActualSnowOnTheGround  Okay, ground rules established …

HOW do you wear snow boots with your suit?

First off, I am not talking big fuzzy Sorel style boots. Although, I have those and I LOVE them (Tivoli II). If I was wearing those to the office it would require at least a foot of snow on the ground (in which case I likely wouldn’t be going to the office).  And if I did have to wear fuzzy snow boots to the office I would change them immediately upon arrival.

Boots for Suits

For boots that I would not only wear to the office but leave on my feet once I get there, I have a few go-to brands I choose (mine are typically reserved for my Winter trips to Rochester but they are on my feet as I type). My 9 to 5 Shoes La Canadienne

La Canadienne – The Canadians get it right. These are warm (most are fleece lined), waterproof and the selection is enormous. My favorite feature is the salt just brushes off – like it was never even there. See today’s Instastories for a demonstration. Finding styles to easily fit under pants as well as match hem length makes this a no brainer choice for suits. There are so many styles, colors, materials and heel heights you can easily match your personality AND commute needs. I have always purchased mine from Amazon (usually on sale) but they can be found from lots of retailers. The ones I have can be worn with skirts or pants (I linked tons of options below). My 9 to 5 Shoes Aquatalia

Aquatalia – The Italians also apparently know a thing or two about snow and cold. This brand would be my back-up choice. The ‘Winter’ Collection is all waterproof but not very stylish. You will find more style in their ‘Boot’ Collection but make sure you search using the key word ‘weatherproof’. My 9 to 5 Shoes Bernardo

Bernardo – Originally known for their sandals, their venture into boots seems to be a good one (at least from a style perspective). I have not personally tried them, but their reviews are stellar and how could you not love a little velvet tie? Yes, please! While they will pair nicely with skirts, I didn’t find any that would pair with pants. My 9 to 5 Shoes Sorel

Sorel – This brand is the real deal for drifting and blowing snow but they aren’t quite there when it comes to paring with a suit. They have a few wedge styles that are close … I still wouldn’t wear them with a suit – my highest criteria. They would be appropriate for a more casual pant or skirt look.

Where to Buy

I included several examples of all four brands at various price points. As a BONUS, many of them are on major sale this time of year (especially the Aquatalia ones)!  Happy Shoesday Shopping!!


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