Can we talk trends and Holidays for a minute?  If you only purchase one trendy piece for the Holidays, pick velvet!  There are so many pretty pieces that you can easily mix into your current wardrobe.  I’ve had my eye on a few velvet items.  First – shoes!  I purchased new shoes on Black Friday!  Second – pants!  I already owned velvet pants but have found a few other gorgeous pairs that make mine seem black and oh, so boring!  Last – Blazers!  I am on the hunt for a gorgeous velvet blazer to wear all Winter long.

Velvet Shoes

Of course I am starting with the shoes.  I purchased the Stuart Weitzman ones above on Black Friday and I’m so happy I did.  Beautiful and comfortable.  There are so many pretty velvet shoe options right now!  I opted for pearls but you can find bows (see the Ted Baker ones), jacquard (more Stuart Weitzman) and straps (Gucci has the wrap on those) and they come in all shapes from pumps to booties … all good!  Click the arrow to see all the picks!  #IStopped@18

Velvet Pants

These are so much more versatile than they may initially appear.  Pair them with a sweater for a more casual look or sequins for a party look.  This is absolutely what I will be wearing for Christmas Eve dinner at our house!  I am wearing these from Paige Denim but there are so many good options (they also come in skinny style).  I opted to go from most expensive to least so keep clicking the arrow and your budget will thank you.

Velvet Blazer

I’m have no picture of my own because I am still hunting for my perfect velvet blazer.  I love the idea so much but I really want a tux style blazer with velvet trim.  #Goals  I tried this J.Crew one … I ordered my normal size 6 but everything was just too short.  #TakeNotePetites  There are several others that have caught my eye though.  #OnTheHunt

Happy Shopping!!