Today is a good day to talk about emergency office supplies.  Not paper clips or staples … I’m talking items you should keep in your desk because you just never know … #LifeHappens

Why today?  Well the first post I saw on Instagram this morning was @theroundpegintweed talking about an emergency dress purchase she had to make because she split a seam.  #BeenThere!  Then, I headed into my office and promptly raided my emergency stash because my shirt was showing a little more cleavage than appropriate. #SlippedSeam #BoysMightDisagree

We all know things happen.  To the clumsy among us (#handraised),  sometimes all to often.  Chocolate on a shirt, coffee on a skirt, snagged nylons, sagging hems.  To combat the inevitable, I’ve created a drawer full of supplies to survive any office emergency.

Emergency Office Attire

I have a small stash of clothes at the office for these exact reasons.  There are a few essential items hanging on the back of my office door for emergency purposes:  a blazer, a sweater or cardigan and a scarf.  These items serve three primary functions:  warmth, stain coverage and unscheduled customer visits.

Everyone knows offices have the hot/colds.  Some days you dress for the temperature and get it right … other days you are freezing.  With additional layers, I can usually solve the cold problem.  #Usually

I am also prone to spilling.  There is nothing worse than preparing to head into a meeting and realizing there is a blob of something (usually chocolate or coffee in my world) on my right boob.  #OrLeft #IDontDiscrimimnateMySpills  With backup clothing options, I can usually hide the problem.  #Usually

Lastly, there is the meeting you didn’t know was happening which ALWAYS occurs on a day I’m not wearing a suit.  If I have a jacket I can toss on – then I don’t stress over these last minute meetings.

Since all these items mostly live at the office, they aren’t the most expensive items in my closet, but they do get the job done.  I like these Olivia Moon cotton blazers or the Target brand blazers for backup jackets.  For scarves, I keep a pashmina scarf in a bright seasonal color (I might be guilty of having five different colors). #DontJudge

Solving Ailments

It’s going to happen at some point that you aren’t going to feel 100% or you are going to go to an Indian Buffet for lunch (or both). Having afternoon meetings when you aren’t feeling 100% is never fun!  Nor do most clients appreciate Garlic Naan Breath!  For those types of problems I keep a stash of problem solvers in one of my office drawers:  toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant #neverletthemseeyousweat, aspirin, tums, Altoids, feminine supplies and a nail file.  I also highly recommend some dark chocolate (although you should then definitely read all the other paragraphs because that one can cause as many problems as it helps solve). #truth

Wardrobe Malfunctions

We’ve all been there.  A bra strap that won’t stay put.  A seam that is coming undone.  Snagged hose.  To solve a majority of these problems I use the Hollywood Secrets Beauty Essentials Kit augmented with a few other items.  I keep one of these kits in the drawer at work (and one in my suitcase – it is that good).  The kit covers the most common wardrobe malfunctions but you will likely still need a few other items.

For the snagged hose problem I always keep a back up pair (or two).

For stains I use Tide Pens (I keep one of these in my suitcase as well). And for blisters

I always have Blister Bandaids available.  These things are amazing and really the only way to deal with blisters in heels.

Lastly, I usually keep safety pins and a sewing kit (I’ve had to sew buttons back on before) for any other wardrobe challenges.  #ProblemsSolved

Did I miss any crucial items you’ve learned you need at the office because of some comical mishap?  Please share!!  #ICouldUseAGoodLaugh

For an update read my 2019 Fashion Emergency Kit Post!

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