Today’s Style Challenge is “hat head” (if you missed the Style Challenge post find it here).  I find “hat head” very appropriate for both Fall and MY October.  Let me explain. First, I love hats, especially Fall and Winter keep-me-warm kind of hats.  And second, because I wear many hats. Cliche I know, but there is truth in this statement.  There is the work lady, the mom, the wife, the runner, the blogger, the friend, the daughter and somewhere in all of that there is the ME.  And that is the part I feel has been lost lately.

So I’m using October (and a little of November) to reset and reboot.  I’m purging, cleaning, maintaining and spending some much needed time focused on me.  So what does this mean?

Fall Challenges!

I’m not only doing the style challenge, but also a six-week fitness challenge that I just started. Before you judge, let me explain.  I needed an extra push to get back to a strength routine.  I also needed a mental reset.  I needed to learn that putting myself first isn’t selfish, and that taking care of me would also allow me to better take care of others.

I also needed an outlet for all the stress and negativity surrounding me at work lately.  I’m only four days in and it isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. In these four days I’ve gained more mental clarity than I’ve had in a month, and also found muscles I forgot I had.  I’ve got some lofty goals for my fitness challenge … a five minute plank, seriously upping my push-up and pull-up game and ultimately getting a PR on a half marathon at the end of it all. Follow my Instastories if you’re curious about my progression.

Fall Cleaning (Who says it’s just for Spring?!)

Some other notable things on deck for the month – I’m going to finally finish the closet clean out.  The inspiration was this book and you can read more about my project in this post.  I’ll share all the final gritty details soon.  I’m almost complete and it feels so good.

Fall Maintenance

In the maintenance department there will be a mammogram (don’t worry I won’t share that)…more fun is teeth whitening!  It’s been on my list for a while and with coffee and red wine consumption currently curbed for the challenge there’s no better time (not a requirement, by the way).  I can’t wait to share a pearly white smile with you.

I’m also shaking up some of my beauty routine – I’m aging and my face is starting to give me away. It’s time to get serious about finding the fountain of youth.

Hat Head!

OK now back to hats!  Over the years I’ve had my moments of “I’m too cool for hats” or “I can’t mess up my hair,” but I’m over those (see the previous aging reference).  I guess I’m growing up!  Yes, hats are practical to keep your head warm, but they are also just plain awesome and, thankfully, once again cool–if the choice is hat head or cold head, I choose hat head every time!

Shop Hats

Here are some hats that caught my eye: