It’s the last day of September and I’m happy to say good riddance.  September has been rough!  October begins a new month and I’m really looking forward to it!  I have some big changes coming in October and I’m excited to share the journey with you!  October is the month of ME!  I’m rearranging priorities, trying out some new products and starting a fitness challenge.  First up though, is an October Style Challenge.  We are into a new season (and Virginia is finally starting to show appropriate temperatures) so I thought this would be the perfect time for everyone to up their Fall style game.

If you have never done a style challenge before then you are in for some fun.  They are ultimately designed to get you thinking about your wardrobe differently and help you see pieces in your closet in a new way.  The goal is to move outside of your comfort zone and try a trend or color you wouldn’t normally have thought to try.  It may not work for you everyday – there will be days I have to wear a suit when the challenge says ‘Be Seen in Camo’ but I will simply skip those days.  (Or get REALLY creative).

October Style Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to get you inspired for Fall.  Each day in October, I’ve put a different idea for an outfit ‘challenge’ on the calendar.  When you see a color box it is a color challenge day.  There are 10 trending colors for Fall and they have all been included (the text in the box is the name of the color).  On the other days you can interpret the text however you want!  For October 3rd, ‘Animal Insipred Footwear’ you can wear leopard or snake print shoes or you can wear a kitten heel.  Be creative and stretch yourself  … but more importantly have fun!

I encourage everyone to try the challenge at least one day.  Choose something small like incorporating a new color or something bigger like the a new trend.  You WILL find yourself inspired.  And be sure to check out the Instagram hashtag #fallintotrends to see how others style the same challenge.

I will be doing weekly roundups and highlighting some of the creative looks everyone comes up with.  I will also help you shop the trends by showcasing some of my favorite Fall picks.

Enjoy the challenge and welcome to Fall!