Today’s Shoesday is talking bargains.  I scoured DSW (both in store and online) to find some lower priced shoe deals!  I thought maybe after the deluge of “Back to School” sales there might be some logic to being budget conscious.  All of my picks are less than $100 and many of the picks are far below.  With that in mind, I did not stick with my normal 10 picks.  With prices like that you can get two, so this week you get 20 picks!  This blog is called My 9 to 5 Shoes after all.  In my picks you will find a mix of heel heights but no flats this week (sorry flats lovers).  If you are flats person and you didn’t see the J.Crew Edit then that one is probably more your speed.  I’ll revisit DSW for flats for an upcoming Shoesday.

Bargain Shoe Shopping

Before we begin, I want to share a few thoughts about bargain shoe shopping.  First lets set some understanding … I’m a stickler for quality and when it comes to shoes I do not like cheap looking shoes (my wallet very much likes cheap shoes though).  I will not skimp on shoes that I expect to wear everyday or last for several years (see my Ted Baker heels in every other picture on my Instagram feed).  There is a reason they are more expensive … they are made to last!!  That being said … not every pair of shoes you own needs to be expensive.
When looking for lower priced shoes there are some options that are better than others and you might notice a few things about my selections:
  • Many of the choices are suede looking rather than leather.  It is far easier to make faux suede look more expensive.  Faux leather is very easy to identify and often does not wear well.
  • Fabrics are a great choice in less expensive shoes as they will wear well and there is no ‘faux’ aspect to fabric.
  • Details help make shoes look more expensive, but make sure the details are well done (i.e. the tassel doesn’t have visible glue, the seams are even)
  • Some brands make bargain shoes better than others.  You will notice several brands repeated in my choices as I’ve learned over the years the ones that wear better and look more expensive than they really are (learn the brands you like and stick with those).
  • Think about cost per wear … shoes that you know you will not wear often are good candidates for bargain shoes.  My first pick is my new summer ‘nude’ shoes.  I’m current too tan for my normal nude heels.  I am only this tan for about four weeks out of the year, however. I needed a new pair of nude shoes but knowing that I will only be this color nude for a short time I didn’t want to spend a fortune.  I’m happy to spend way less and get a shoe that maybe won’t last as long when I’ know I won’t be wearing it tons!
  • Another good candidate for bargain shoes is dupes for the designer pieces.  The third shoe pick is an imitation of the Valentino Rockstud.   I know I won’t be spending $1000 for a pair of shoes but I love the look of them.  I’m okay with the imitation version that won’t make me cry when I step in crack and destroy the heel.  A less extreme example is the Anne Klein pick that looks exactly like these Louise et Cie ones but at half the price.
  • Trends are also better tried at bargain prices.  Take the trend for a spin in a shoe that won’t break the bank.  Embellished shoes?  I don’t think it’s sticking around for the next three years but it’s fun now.  Pick up the Jessica Simpson ones below and they will easily last as long as the trend does.
  • Lastly, special occasion and statement shoes that you won’t wear as frequently.  DSW is the first place I look when I have a formal event and need a pair of shoes for could possibly be just one night!

Tuesday Shoesday – The DSW Edit

Now on to this weeks picks.  Click the arrows to scroll forward and back through the twenty picks.   You will find my comments inserted below each shoe!  Happy Shoe Shopping!

Happy Shoe Shopping!