Yes, I’m talking about Raincoats for Fall on a sunny Monday.  In my defense, this post was originally scheduled for last week (when most of the East Coast was in some sort of deluge from Hurricane Irma or her remains).  But work got in the way.  As the saying goes … when it rains, it pours.

The topic for this post came about from eavesdropping while browsing in Zara last week. I overheard a girl trying on a khaki trench coat say to the gentleman with her, “But I don’t know what to wear with it?”  His response, “I don’t know … like, a suit?”  The trench was GORGEOUS, she looked FABULOUS, but she returned it to the rack saying, “I’ll have to look for some ideas.”

I was stunned!  Really?  Is a trench coat that complicated?  What do you wear with a trench coat?  Um, EVERYTHING!  Seriously (or nothing if you are THAT girl … I don’t recommend being that girl at work though).  #awkward

Seriously though, there is the obvious suit  – as a trench is a quintessential work classic but it reality it pairs with anything.  Anything.  #NoReally #YesEvenJeans  Here are a few looks I found on Instagram. (All pictures are tagged to the account for credit.). These prove you really can wear a raincoat with anything and look gorgeous doing so!




Why Raincoats for Fall?

I know the saying is, “April Showers bring May Flowers”, but rain isn’t just a spring time occurrence around here.   And since we experienced all measures of rain last week (and Hurricane season seems to be in full swing), I figured it might be a good time to take a look at some fall appropriate rain gear.

I actually own four raincoats (and am seriously thinking about getting the ASOS one below).  #NeverToMany

Why so many?  Because suits and dress/skirt lengths make this seemingly easy outerwear sometimes challenging … as does changing temperatures.  Although now that I have discovered the beauty of both shorter raincoats as well as removable liners I could probably get away with only owning one. #Probably #Hypothetically #NotHappening

Rain Coats I Own

Via Spiga Scarpa Hooded Single Breasted Trench Coat – This one comes in five colors (I have the red).  This was my first shorter raincoat purchase. It seems counter-intuitive but you don’t need to worry about skirt versus coat length with a shorter raincoat.  No mismatched hemlines ever.  The fit is TTS and easily fits a suit underneath.  I love the pleats in both the front and the back which give it a swingy, peplum like look.  The hood is detachable (another bonus).

CK Double Breasted Trench Coat – This was the second shorter rain coat that I purchased.  (I have this in baby blue).  The main reason I added this coat to the collection is because I travel to Dayton, Ohio a lot (and Rochester).  Every time (I mean EVERY TIME) I go to Dayton it rains.  And Dayton is cold (so is Rochester).  This jacket has a zip-out flannel liner (which always travels to Dayton too).   This liner dramatically expands the season-spanning versatility for the coat.  And it has a button-off hood as an added bonus.  I have no problem fitting a suit under this jacket and it runs TTS.

Pendleton Hooded Raincoat – This red rain coat is very similar to my black Pendleton.  Another (removable) lined raincoat that is perfect for Fall’s cooler temperatures.  This one is longer so I find it pant suit appropriate but often awkward with dresses and skirts depending on their length.  Fits TTS.

Anya Waterproof Mac
Anya Mac – My beloved Boden raincoat is my most complemented outwear (that’s the one you see a hint of on Instragram and Facebook today.  My coat is older and a little more trench in appearance (I also have another Mac from Boden that I wear on the weekends).  The reason this didn’t last as my only raincoat, however, was mine does not have a hood and I cannot fit a suit jacket under it.  Its longer length also challenges some of my midi dresses.  I don’t like when the dress sticks out from the coat only a few inches.  You either need to be able to see a lot of the dress (shorter raincoat)… or none of the dress.  Boden has upgraded the Mac since I purchased mine and it now includes a soft quilted lining and a detachable hood.  Bonus: it comes in 5 fun prints!

Raincoats I Want to Own

CK Asymmetrical Belted Rain Coat – This one is on sale for 55% off and was available in all sizes.  If the quality is anything like the CK one I own it will serve you well.  I love the moto look and the assymetrical zipper.  It gives this rain coat a modern edge.  This coat does not have a hood though so be prepared with an umbrella if it is really raining!!

ASOS Ultra Oversized Trench – This is the one shown from Instagram above and it might up my raincoat collection to five.  I have been looking for a classic, calf-length trench.  I have yet to find one that I love.  This one I love, especially the bright pink color!!

ASOS Classic Trench Coat –  Feeling pink but maybe not so bright?  Blush is a trending color and a good neutral to perk up rainy days. 

I promise any of these rain coats will turn any rainy day into a Happy Sunny Monday!