I’ve started doing a weekly roundup of the best of the best in shoes from all the Fall Collections and it has quickly become my favorite day of the work week ….Tuesday Shoeday … better know as Shoesday.   If you missed the Nordstrom Edit last week you should check out those picks too. #SoManyGoodShoes

For today’s Shoesday picks I’m shopping at J. Crew.  As I was working on the Nordstrom picks last week (which now sells J.Crew) I found so many lovely J. Crew options.  When I got to four, I decided I was on to something and went to explore the full J.Crew collection.  It is good.  #ReallyGood

Each week I am trying to keep my picks to 10 and include low as well as high heel options.  This week I am decidedly on the lower end of the heel.  So many cute flats at J.Crew.  I did find one good heel though.  #WinSomeLoseSome

A note about this week’s links:  When a shoe was sold at both Nordstrom and J.Crew, I opted to link to both stores.  With free shipping and free returns Nordstrom wins! But I realize that some of you may want to try a few options or have had your eye on other J.Crew items.  And in the interest of easing the confusion – the pictures in this post are not linked.  .  

Tuesday Shoesday

Foster Flat (Nordstrom, J.Crew ) – These Tweed embellished beauties are everything they appear to be in the photo.  I ordered them two weeks ago and I’ve been dying for cooler temperatures and darker colors to be able to wear them.  They are TTS and super comfortable.

Audrey Glitter Flat (Nordstrom, J.Crew)  – Always … I repeat always … say yes to snakeskin – even covered in glitter.  How can you not like a shoe with the word glitter in the name.  They don’t appear so over the top though that you will look like Dorothy in the Wizard of oz.  #LoveHerShoes

Lottie Flat – Always … I repeat again always … say yes to snakeskin (with or without the glitter).  And how cool is this color combination?  A little gold, a little black … this is basically a neutral. #Seriously  #Neutral

Strappy Flats – These look so much more embellished than they are.  I love the straps and the pearl buttons.   The dots give the illusion of more pearls but are simply dots. #NothingSimpleAboutDots

Audrey Flat – The side cutout and chevron like pattern where the details that got me.  The colors are just plain fun.  I’m always looking for pops of color to pair with basic neutrals to elevate any work outfit.  #FitTheBill

Lace-up Pump – I don’t even know where to begin with these.  I guess with the navy and red stripe tie.  You know I have a thing for navy … and stripes … but the little heart details that disappear into a simple pattern at a distance are perfectly over-the-top.

Elwood or Avery Pump (Nordstrom, J.Crew)  – The black and white pair was the one I first fell in love with on the Nordstrom site and then I discovered the other patterns from J.Crew.  They are all good and the lower heel is very practical for anyone who has to actually stand or walk in their shoes.

Elsie Snakeskin – In case you missed it the first two times I typed it … always …  always … say yes to snakeskin.  And snakeskin with bows and gems is not over-the-top.   These would be the perfect statement shoe for a suit.

Lottie Tassel Flats – These flats with the tassels are adorable.  Again, with my color indecisiveness. So many good choices. The red and the pink are on trend.  The black and the grey are just plain practical.   I would of course go with one of the colors (which might explain why I don’t own any black flats) but to only choose one?  Oy, that’s tough.   #YouChooseForMe

There you have it.  Today’s Shoesday picks from J.Crew.  There were more in the collection but these were the ones that caught my eye.

Happy Shoe Shopping!  See you next Shoesday where I’m thinking either Boden or Zara … let me know if you have a request for a specific store though!