Taking a break from all things Nordstrom (and shopping in general) to talk about my mini vacation with little man a few weeks ago.  If you saw my Instagram stories then you know we did a little role reversal in our house for about 5 days.  My husband traveled (and took our oldest to camp) leaving me in charge of the house and little man. From past experience … trying to continue to work while doing this, well, just doesn’t work. So I took the time off.  It was my stay at home mom vacation! #Staycation

The first two days were mostly routine and I posted a little bit about swim practice and pool time. There was a few hours here and there of work.  The schedule was little man’s though and when and where we were was dictated by him (and a few Starbucks stops for me).  #AlwaysCoffeeFirst

But for the last three days of our “staycation” I promised little man an adventure (and that I would take him to North Carolina).   So I took three days and totally disconnected.  I didn’t wear heels or make-up.  The work phone remained turned off. My Instagram feed was basically ignored.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was forgotten about (shocking I know).   All while we drove South in search of sun and sand.

Beach Bound

Little man and I had settled on a beach adventure and he wanted Grandma to join in the fun. So the three of us set off on a generational journey to Kitty Hawk, North  Carolina.  The drive was uneventful if not a touch long for little man.  When we arrived,  he wanted to hit the beach immediately.  I insisted on lunch first.  #MomWins  After traditional Carolina BBQ, the afternoon was spent learning the ways of the ocean (and playing in the sand).


And we learned LOTS:

  • Those breakers are big in the eyes of a five year old. And initially a little scary. But eventually really fun. #ScreamingDelightFun
  • Waves and sand have a symbiotic relationship. You can try and move the sand but if a wave finds it, it will destroy any sand moving efforts.  #PhysicsAtFive
  • If you build a sand sculpture… something will destroy it (ideally it would be waves) no matter how completely cool it is. #BeachBullies #ThereWereTears
  • Even in July, the water is cold. #OnlyMyNumbLegsLearnedThis
  • Golden hour occurs all day long under a pier. This must be why people take pictures under piers all the time. The lighting is amazing. #WhoKnew

Let’s be clear … I’m not really a beach kind of girl. Give me a big deck, on a house overlooking the ocean where I can see the beach, hear the ocean and feel a slight breeze and I’m great. Put me on said beach and I’m tolerant. Don’t get me wrong – I love sun worshiping (with a good book and adult beverage) but I don’t want sand in my … well, anything.   I don’t like sand in my toes, on my hands, or making its way into anywhere.  There I said it in public, I’m not a fan. #sacrifices

Chasing the Sun

After dinner we went to watch the sunset at the largest natural sand dune on the east coast.  Yep, you got it, more sand! The dunes were amazing. #AMAZING Absolutely gorgeous. Little man was in heaven!  “Mommy, we are going to come back tomorrow and you are going to bring a sled and a kite!”  Um, that wasn’t noted in the tour guide. ? We traversed the whole State Park and enjoyed every stunning vista it had to offer.

The sunset was interrupted by clouds but was still epic.  I can confirm there was sand though. Lots of sand. And the wind never stopped blowing. We left the dunes with a fine layer of sand covering everything! #MyCameraWillNeverBeTheSame  The only bonus of this sandy adventure?  I got a good full body exfoliation.  A shower never felt so good. #smoothestfeetever

Airboat Anyone?

The next day was all out adventure starting with a morning air boat ride.  For two hours we toured marshes and tidal waters looking for sea creatures and birds.  It was delightful and noisy!  Little man kept screaming into the push-to-talk radio, “This is Awesome”!  I will admit, I had to agree with him.

After the air boat ride we climbed to the top of Bode lighthouse.  There was an attempt to count the number of steps but we kept forgetting (about 11 stories).  Then some souvenir shopping (a stuffed turtle and glow in the dark shark T-shirt). More beach. And lastly ghost crab hunting in the dark. We all slept well that night.


I really enjoyed three days of playing in the ocean, making sand sculptures on the beach and basking in the sun while exploring this beautiful region.  But mostly I enjoyed watching this little being who is half me and half his dad, explore this new world with awe and intrigue. He is inquisitive and determined (mom) but patient and persistent (dad). He’s vulnerable and sensitive (mom) but spirited and fun-loving (dad). I rarely get to just be with him. I come home from work and it’s dinner and bath and books and bed. There is a schedule and time constraints.   This unstructured time alone with this little person was pure bliss.  #PureBliss

I’ll stay home and be a mom any day.  But for now it’s back to the 9 – 5 grind.  And the roles have returned to normal in our house … including who drives the Mini Van.  #NotMe