In case the five (faux) leather leggings above weren’t enough to clue you in … this post is not a work wear post (although you might recognize the blouse from last weeks Best of Suits picks).  This one is all about Date Night and feeling sexy with all things Nordstrom and … Stella and Dot!!  I am so excited to share with you my most recent collaboration.  I’ve been muddling this idea around for awhile and I am so happy it was finally able to come together.

Meet Erinn

First, let me introduce to you to Erinn.  I met Erinn through a group of women that I run with. While we have that in common, we also both work in similar office environments.  I am sure if I were to sneak a peak in her closet it would look very similar to mine.  There is one difference though  …. this girl knows how to accessorize!  I see her posts on Facebook and she always looks fabulous.  Her secret?  Her endless supply of Stella and Dot beauties to throw on!  Read why in her own words:

I grew up as a jeans and t-shirt girl with a love for funky earrings. As my style grew as an adult in a professional setting, a love for funky earrings turned into a love for statement pieces. I love that Stella & Dot has something for every style and occasion from something simple for a jeans and t-shirt day to beautiful statement pieces that stand out.

When I started putting together my looks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I knew I wanted her to style them with all her blingy goodness. #YesThatsAWord  Thankfully she agreed.  We traded a million messages and pics  – and even accidentally face-timed one Saturday morning while I was cleaning.  I’m still not entirely sure how I managed that but it worked out great.  The result … we’ve created a few awesome (fully accessorized) looks to share with you this week and we are still working on a few more.  The next ones coming are all 9 to 5 appropriate but this first one is not!!  #BringonDateNight

Date Night with Nordstrom and Stella and Dot

I wanted something I would never wear to work for my Date Night Look. I also wanted it to be sexy and a little edgy … something that would cause my husband to do a double take when I walked down the stairs.  Well, it took some digging, but I found it.  Faux Leather Leggings.  The first outfit I tried did not get the reaction from my husband I was going for.  I believe his exact words were, “Are you going to wear that out of the house?”  Okay, total miss. #NotTheReactionIWanted

Back to the drawing board.  The top I tried initially was too conservative and the boots I paired the leggings with made it look more like I was wearing tights.  After switching the shirt AND the shoes – I got the double take I was going for! #LetDateNightBegin

When I sent the look to Erinn, she keyed in on the neckline and took it to a whole other level with a gorgeous statement necklace.  She added matching earrings, bracelet, ring and the most adorable clutch ever (because, hey, its date night and the only thing you need is lipstick, an ID and I suppose the phone just in case).  #EmergenciesDoHappen

If heels aren’t your thing (they should be).  Just kidding.  The leggings also work with flats.  Whether you go high or low though, I would opt to show some skin.  If you are going to go booties then make sure the pants fit so your ankle is exposed or go higher with a boot (WAY higher – knee or thigh higher) to avoid the dreaded I’m wearing tights with no skirt or pants look.  #NotGood

The Look

Outfit:  Spanx  |  Joie Silk Blouse | Michael Kors Booties

Stella and Dot Accessories

Accessories:  Essential Fringe Necklace in Gold | Adeva Wrap Ring in Gold | Open Wave Cuff in Bronze | Dome Hoop Earrings in Bronze | Embroidered Lashes Clutch  (see the full Fall Collection here)

Faux Leather Leggings My 9 to 5 ShoesLysse (also comes in burgundy)| BlankNYC (Denim Sizing including Plus Sizes) | Spanx (Plus Sizes Too) | Trouve| Halogen (Petite Sizes Too)

There were tons of great options for faux leather but I opted for the Spanx ones (yes, please hold all the goods in, #WAYin!) and they were very comfortable and not too compressing.  I am wearing my normal size small.  The multiple choices included high waist (Lysee, Spanx), normal waist (BlankNYC, Trouve, Halogen), petite (Halogen) and plus (BlankNYC and Spanx).  You could get them lined (Lysse) or seamed (Lysee) and even with a cute ankle cut-out (Halogen).  In other words you have options.

Note:  If the faux leather leggings feels a little too Olivia Newton John for you then try black denim.  I love Paige Transcend so I would go with either this Hoxton with the cute ankle cut-out or these Bootcut.  

Date Night Blouses

Yes, I titled them Date Night but remember the blouse I am wearing has been re purposed from a suit look.  I am a huge fan of having a closet full of pieces that can multi-task.  This paired beautifully with the suit but looks equally good with the faux leather leggings or even jeans.   The one I am wearing is silk and beautiful but if that isn’t in your budget I’ve included two other choices (and both are less than $53).

Black Peep-toe Booties

One of the requirements to making the leggings work is to show a little skin.  While they work with classic black pumps I felt a peep-toe was more interesting.  The pair I am wearing is not currently on sale but they were too perfect to not use.  These are from Michael Kors and fit TTS.  I am wearing a Size 9.  They are not for the weak with heels. (Lower options below … but it is Date Night after all).  #FourInches #NotBlock
If you are looking for black peep-toe booties specifically from the sale there were tons to choose from.  I had to stop myself at eight.  #TONS

Vince Camuto – I own these in Brown and I lovr them!  For the longest time they were my most liked picture on Instagram.  #TheyAreThatGood
Pelle Moda – Not a part of the sale but too lovely to not include.  I have a pair VERY similar that I love and they would be perfect with this outfit.
Lucky Brand – Gorgeous suede, cute little cut-out, curvy seam and slightly lower heel #slightly #AllWinningFeatures.
Tory Burch – Classic peep-toe bootie with no embellishments … just beautiful suede.  These will last you for years.

Bella Vita – I love the zipper, I love the tie.  These actually come in five colors if you were feeling the burgundy faux leather pants.  Technically not a part of the Anniversary Sale but at $79.96 they beat some of the Anniversary Sale prices.
Bella Vita – Another by the same brand with the perfect zipper and edgy perforations.
 Jack Rogers – It is hard to see in the picture but the ankle cut-out is adorable.
Vince Camuto – The stitching gives this a little more of a festival feel rather than an edgy vibe.
Check back later this week for more looks from the Stella and Dot collaboration with Erinn or if you can’t wait – check out the Fall Collection. There are tons of beautiful pieces. #BeYourOwnStylist
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