Okay, before I dive into all things leopard shoes …. Let me give you the lay of my current situation.  I’m a stay at home mom this week.  I’ve learned my lessons from past ventures in this field that I will not really get any work done so the notion of “working from home,” well, won’t work.  So with that knowledge in hand, I’ve taken the time off from work.  If I get a few hours in here or there – BONUS! #DidIReallyJustCallWorkABonus

That isn’t the point of this week though.  The point is to spend unfettered access with little man and just enjoy watching him exist in his world.  This morning I took him to swim team practice. And I put down my phone (after I made one Instastory, of course) and just watched him swim and interact with coaches and friends.  Just living in his world for an hour was PURE BLISS.  And we’ve only just begun!  For the next two days it is just me and my little man and then my mom will join us while we go off on a beach adventure for three days.  I promised him adventure and I always deliver on my promises. #AirBoatAnyone

Now back to shoes.  If there is one shoe that can take any outfit to the next level it would have to be a leopard shoe.  They are a neutral in my world.  And they should be in yours too.  I’ve had my pair for a few years but I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately.  This post was prompted by two that I saw while scouring the Amazon Prime Day deals – the Sam Edelman Lara and Sam Edelman Tesla D’Orsay.  While no longer 30% off  – they are still worth a look.  And Amazon isn’t the only place to find them .

I’ve linked a few below that caught my eye.  I’m partial to the Ann Taylor one with the slightly lower heel.  Just gorgeous.  I’m trying a new format with my links so you will have to scroll though to the very last one to see it (still trying to figure out how to reorder things).  #WebDeveloperProblems #NotAWebDeveloper   The Kate Spade Ballet Flats with the pink trim are a close second (and very reasonably priced for Kate Spade).  And no, I don’t know why that picture is positioned differently.  #StillNotaWebDeveloper

Still curious how to style leopard shoes.  Simply wear them in place of any other shoe.  Seriously.  I took my leopard shoes on my last trip to Florida and literally wore them every day.  Every outfit! See a few really great (parking lot) pictures below.  #snapthemwhenyoucan  I could say that you really only need three shoes in your closet … black, nude and leopard.  (Don’t let my husband read that last bit or he will be very confused on why my closet has about 1000% more than that).  On that note, I’ve been on the hunt for a good loafer in leopard.  #saythatthreetimesfast  Here’s hoping the fall sales deliver!  If you find a good one let me know!!

Leopard Shoes Style


Leopard Shoes