MM.LaFleur Review Deux (The Dresses)

If you saw my first MM.LaFleur review then you know I’m a fan (read it here). My Oshima pants should have their own Instagram feed … I love them so! (Now available in 7 colors!)

My other pieces have also all been well worn (and washed – look for a review on that VERY soon) so I figured it was time to expand the collection.  This time I looked to their dresses for those additional pieces. I wear lots of dresses. I travel lots. It seemed natural to see what MM.LaFleur stocked for travel friendly dresses.

I knew I wanted to try a few dresses but the only one I KNEW I was going to try was the Taylor.  I have had my eye on this one since they first released it. The flowing lines, the pockets … does it get any better? #dontthinkso

There were two others that appealed to my practical self but neither were immediately available. #nopatience

The Annie was a pre-order option; look for an update as soon as I get it.

The Aditi 2.0 was only available in darker colors and I was looking for something with a little more pop.

Totally undecided and overwhelmed by others to try … I let my stylist make recommendations and pick one for me. She did an excellent job.  She first recommended the Marian.  I had tried a top similar and liked it so I was willing to give this one a go.  I love the drape and easy look it creates.

Her second choice was a surprise … she shipped the Lisa in Birch/Mist.  Such a summery palette with beautiful color blocking. The neckline is similar to the Rowling Top I had tried previously.  #definitelyintriguing

My package arrived with the dresses sealed in plastic.  Upon removal they were VERY wrinkled (they were sealed in a tiny envelope, in a tiny box so wrinkling was not unexpected).  I let them hang for a few days hoping they would fall but no such luck.  #goingtohavetoiron

I ironed all the dresses per instructions and that is the state you see them in the pictures below.  #Beautiful

I was hoping the dresses would arrive before my last trip to California so I could do a real test of their travel friendliness …no such luck.  

So, I had to do some “make-shift” travel.

Since it was key these pieces could travel … I really wanted to test this.  They arrived fairly wrinkled but I didn’t think the shipping box and plastic envelope was a fair test or very representative of a suitcase.  So, after ironing the dresses and trying them all on …  I promptly packed them in the TUMI and left them to sit for the day. #yesidid

My five year old thought I was crazy.  “Are you traveling, mommy?” No. #justpacking

When I removed the dresses at the end of the day they were once again wrinkled.  That’s okay – things generally come out of the suit case wrinkled. But after hanging for a few hours they typically release.  I again left the dresses to hang overnight.  It didn’t help.  Still wrinkled.  The only thing that was going to fix it was to iron them again.  So while they were all gorgeous … I sent them back. #notimetoiron

If you don’t need to shove them in a suitcase then I  can highly recommend the three dresses I tried.  The Taylor dress is so gorgeous I was willing to overlook the ironing annoyances but I wanted the green color (not the blue) and it was not available in my size.  #onmywishlist

MM.LaFleur Dresses on Me

I normally wear a size 4 or 6 (in dresses I more often tend to be a 4).  My stylist sent a size 6 in all the dresses I tried. Sizing notes are below each dress.   The lighting in my house for these pictures was fairly dark … the colors are more accurately represented in the stock MM.LaFleur photos above.

The Size 6 Lisa fit perfectly.  This is a gorgeous dress.  The colorblocking makes it look like separates and the colors are perfect for summer temps.  This could easily transition to fall with a long, loose cardigan in a warm fall color – I’m thinking burgundy.  This would also pair nicely with a cropped jacket for a more formal look.

The Size 6 Marian seemed loose.  I know it is supposed to be drapey but there was lots of extra room.  I think I would have preferred to try a Size 4 for comparison. This is another gorgeous dress.  I loved the purplely grey color as well as the details with the drape and the tie.

This is the Taylor dress. The inspiration for the order.  I love everything about this dress!  I’m wearing this in a Size 6 and the fit is perfect.  I really wanted this dress in the viridian (green) which is the only reason I returned it.  Well, that and the wrinkle annoyances – but I was willing to overlook those for this beauty!  #closetfullofnavy

This ends MM.LaFleur review number two.  While I did not find anything to grow my collection, I did learn lots and I now know to be more aware of the materials if I am looking for travel friendly. I still have the Annie coming and I am hoping this one is truly travel friendly.  I’m still willing to give it a try because it is a different blend.  The two shirts I have travel beautifully with no ironing required so I’m hoping this last dress comes through for me.  #fingerscrossed

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