Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – 2017 Catalog Preview

In case you didn’t realize … it is almost time for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I have a whole page dedicated to the sale with key dates as well as helpful shopping information.  This page also has links to other sale related posts (my best finds from 2016, staples I buy every year …). Find the Annivesary Sale page here or linked in the Table of Contents above.

I took my first peak at the catalog this week. My initial take was underwhelming but I’ve since taken some time to really look through the catalog and there are some good finds.  Truth be told … the best is rarely in the catalog!  None the less, I’ve been making lists and creating outfits in my mind.  By far, my standout favorite for fall is all the stripes – but there are plenty of good items to be found. Here has what has caught my eye so far … apologies for the catalog snaps but real images aren’t yet available.  Update:  I was able to insert a few pictures from the online version of the catalog that are slightly better quality.

Catalog Eye Catchers

A new Hugo suit comes home every other year or so. Since I just got the new pinstripe suit during last months sale this may be an off year but this one is beautiful. #closetfullofhugo

A new take on tassels. I love these beaded earrings and I think they will take any suit from office boring to office wow!! #workdoesntmeanboring

These Sam Edelman ballet flats are simply too precious. The embroidery and embellishments are divine. I’m normally a heels girl but I’m making an exception for these. #alwaysmakeexceptionsforbeauty

Here are some better pictures with more color options … #swoon

Pale blush will persist into fall as a trending color. I love the look of this jacket with the high neckline and tie waist. I’m thinking it will go perfectly with my burgundy leather skirt from last year. Don’t have one?  It looks like there is another one in the sale this year! #blushandburgundy

I love a good pin stripe. If this is quality – then it will make a great travel blazer.  I really like the idea of no lapel. #stripespersist

Yes. Simply yes. #houndstooth #stillyes

I love this skirt AND this coat. The deep camel color of the coat and the texture are intriguing and the length looks perfect. This Faux Leather Skirt is only $39.90 and mentions other colors. I bought a burgundy leather skirt last year but this navy may have to come home.

I love this topper! The shirt it is paired with is okay but I think I will pair it with the striped shirt below. It will also be perfect with my burgundy skirt (or the one shown). #outfitwin

This jacket makes my heart beat faster. So beautiful. I’m not sure about the white underlying layer. I’m going to have to see this one in person. This shirt underneath will be coming home though. So many possibilities!  #IHeartStripes

Love the blouse. Still not sure about the white layer on the jacket though. #hmmm

This little dress is so cute. I’m a little worried about what “flounce-back” means, but from the front it is working for me. So many layering options. Also says more color options. #verycurious

Update:  Still uncertain about the flounce-back because there is no back pictures yet. But by “other colors” they meant black. #boring

The perfect little casual bootie. The lower heel makes it highly wearable and edgy circle studs make it highly unique. I could even see these with a longer skirt or dress for the office.  #blushisBIG

Love all three colors. #blushisbest

I love the unexpected and this is the very definition.  A little edgy, a little structured. #Ithinkitisperfect

These heels look fun!  I’m thinking taupe or blush. #moreblushplease

What’s Next

So far it is looking to be a good Anniversary Sale!!  I’ll do a more complete round up once Nordstrom releases the web pages for the full sale.  I have my stylist appointment for the afternoon of the 13th so look for some dressing room selfies not too long after that with a round up of my winning picks.  I will post updates on social media (Instagram and Facebook) during the sale so make sure you are following both.  In the meantime if you want to make your own list?  Find the full catalog here.

I can’t wait for the fun to begin but until then, I’ll return to the regularly scheduled business attire of the day and travel postings. Look for a MM LaFleur Dress Review next week  – the results might surprise you.

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4 Responses
  • Molly
    July 1, 2017

    If you look at the catalog online and hover over an item, it will show you the other colors each item will come in. A cool feature. Usually, I look through my catalog to the point it starts falling apart – but this year, it’s the online version for me!

    • my9to5shoes
      July 1, 2017

      Thanks for the reminder. I’ve only seen the PDF version online so far but maybe I just need to switch devices! My paper copy is pretty dog-eared at this point!! What’s on your must get list?!?

  • Kelsey
    July 2, 2017

    What Nordstrom do you recommend going to in the D.C./ NOVA area?? Where have you had nice personal stylist appointments?

    • my9to5shoes
      July 3, 2017

      I have only ever gone to Tyson’s for my stylist appointments. I find Tyson’s designer and dress selection to be the best. Montgomery (MD) would be my second choice. They almost always have what I am looking for in stock. Fashion center seems to cater younger and I find it crowded. Dulles is the exact opposite – spacious and quiet but less stock – cater older slightly. I don’t have a specific stylist I use at Tyson’s. I have probably tried 5 different ones at this point all with great success. For the Anniversary sale appointment I provide an explicit list of what I will by and a second of curiosities I want to try and then ask them to supplement as they see fit. I also tell them things I likely won’t buy (I.e. Don’t need a new purse, etc). I’m often traveling during the sale so twice I’ve done appointments in Texas (random but successful). Those lists seems to be the key to success because I’ve never had a bad appointment. I tend to offer comments with the list too … Why I like the piece or why I’m curious (Similar to how I wrote this piece) so they can better gage my style. Hope this helps!!

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