Curious about MM.LaFleur? I was too. I mean they send you a bento box!  Who doesn’t love bento boxes … and filled with fashionable goodies? Um, yes please.  I was fortunate to have a store open in D.C. at the same time my curiosity peaked. So I promptly booked an appointment!

My Appointment

When you book your appointment you answer a series of questions about style preferences, lifestyle and sizing. You also have the option to provide other additional information. It was this additional information field that gave them their first opportunity to shine at customer service. I filled out this field by stating that if my soon to be stylist really wanted to understand my style she should check out my Instagram feed and I provided the link. My stylist did her research. #impressed

On the day of my appointment (which I had to reschedule once and easily did so online), I arrived and was promptly greeted, provided a glass of prosecco and escorted to my staging area. My stylist had selected about 10 items to start with and they were hanging in the area ready to begin.

When my stylist arrived she breezed through formalities, complimented my shoes and confessed to checking out my Instagram feed. Um, you had me with prosecco  – but these are all good too. She queried why I was there and then made recommendations on which pieces to start with.

I tried on all the items she pre-selected as well as items she brought out based on my feedback.  There may have been a few pieces inserted just for fun as well.  I was very impressed by the quality and the consistency in sizing and fit. I also appreciated my stylist’s honest feedback on fit or style. She was very customer service focused.  She wasn’t pushy or sales-ee.  While attending to my needs, she brought me tissues for my crazy runny nose, offered to refill my prosecco, helped zip zippers and genuinely focused on me.

When it was all said and done, I selected 7 items to have shipped home.

My Winning Picks

These are the items I ultimately selected.  I was on the hunt for core separates I could easily mix and match. I have since tried several of their dresses. Find that review here.

Deneuve 3.0 in Cream – The versatility of this gorgeous top is its best feature. It works with a suit jacket or it can also stand alone. This is precisely the type of piece I was looking for! The styling is gorgeous and it is impossible for the neckline to “slip”!  #willnotgapeever

Bee Shirt in Galaxy Blue and Sutton Skirt in Double Stripe (Navy/Ivory) – I loved both of these pieces.  I loved the skirt so much, I ordered the matching striped Crawford Top for summer. Both of these pieces will get heavy use and my grey suit jacket pairs beautifully with both top and bottom. #theyhadmewithstripes

Oshima Pant in Black – These pants!  WOW!  I didn’t know I needed these until I put them on. Forgiving and comfortable. Simply amazing.  These are the very definition of wardrobe staple.  And how cool is it that the stylist who helped me do my returns and place my shirt order is the namesake for these pants – Oshima! I now also own these in dune and navy.  #caniwearthemeveryday

Louisa Top in Black – This is what I went there to find. A classic black shell that can stand alone without the suit jacket but also works with it.  And no dry cleaning required. #perfection

My Returns

Noho Skirt (Boucle in Black/White) – This skirt came home but I ultimately returned it. I couldn’t make it work with any of my suit jackets. It looked lovely with the tops I brought home but nothing else in my closet (and I really tried because it is so travel friendly). They make a “jardigan” that could have solved the jacket problem but I felt like I was between sizes.

Rowling Top (yep, named for the famous Author) in Checker Goldenrod/Blue – This was shipped home but ultimately didn’t stay either. I couldn’t make it work with enough of my wardrobe. Maybe a solid color would have been a better choice?

Why MM.LaFleur?

Why would a self-proposed fashionista need a stylist from a brand that claims they have “better things to do” than shop?   After all, I do a lot of shopping!  In truth, I’m like the anti-mmlafleur customer. BUT (you knew there had to be one) … as I’ve been decluttering my closet (see how it started here), I’ve realized my wardrobe was lacking a core. I have lots of suits and I have lots of cool items to pair with suits (and lots of dresses) but my base of stand alone separates and capsule pieces was nil.

I’ve have tried.  Oh how I have tried!  I have gotten rid of so many off-white shells and wrap tops it is almost embarrassing.  Whether they were purchased in a pinch and didn’t really fit, didn’t stand up to my dry cleaners harsh love or gapped so much my male coworkers ALL came to the meeting … whatever the reason.  I always seemed to be on the hunt for these key pieces and I was tired of imitation substitutes.  My desire to finally find wardrobe staples that fit, traveled easily AND mixed and matched with everything already in my closet was what led me to MM.LaFleur.  (Bonus if it didn’t also contribute to my already sky-high dry cleaning bills.)

My travel requires me to cram 5 days worth of work attire in a tiny suitcase and my ability to do this easily and with a minimal number of items was challenged due to my lack of versatile core pieces.  You can apply this same concept even if you don’t travel.  Being able to get more out of the clothes in your closet should be everyone’s goal! (See 5 days of Hugo as an example of what I am striving to achieve!)  By building a base of pieces I can turn to again and again, I can make my wardrobe go further.

My MM.LaFleur Style

I spent four days testing out all the pieces I decided to keep and here are the looks I came up with.  These are pieces you will see me wearing again and again!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Curious or want to know more?

I can recommend MM.LaFleur with little hesitation.  They’ve been fabulous to work with both in store and online.  If you’ve been curious – you should give them a try.  Use this link to get $50 toward your first purchase!! The first Bento is completely free  – you pay only for what you decide to keep.  I also have a MM.LaFleur dress review, a non-shoe shoe review and a post about styling my Oshima pants including 50+ looks.  #FIFTY

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