I’m sure this will come as no surprise to you but my Nordstrom shopping cart is always full. And by full I mean it currently has 77 items sitting in it.  I thought it might be kind of fun to share with you some of the items I’ve had my eye on.  Most of them could be categorized into the following groups …

I am going to buy this.

These items normally don’t last long in the cart.  With free shipping and free returns, if I find something I think I need or want – I buy it.  Occasionally (read rarely) these items may sit in my cart for a few days if I am waiting for a triple points event or sale to start. Heads up – there is a sale going on currently.  Look for my roundup of the best items on Friday.  And triple points are coming in early May – you can bet me (and my cart) will be ready.

I was originally just going to purchase the yellow skirt but the styling was so fun in the catalog, the top got added into the cart too.  The skirt was styled with a grey top but I was more drawn to the orange one (both colors ended up in the cart).  These may be at my house before this post in published.  #alwaysneedchoices

This is really cool – where am I going to wear it?

Items in this category often stay in my cart until I either fall out of love, it goes out of stock or I figure out an occasion where I need such an item.  When I do find an occasion that allows for the purchase of one of these items it is always BIG love.  These are my princess pieces.

You can see I’m loving the lace and see through color blocking look right now.  I so cannot wear either a navy, lacey v-neck (even if it is 40% off) or a black and gold lace overlay dress to the office, soccer games or anything else I do on a daily basis.  #sendweddinginvitations

Staples that I prefer to buy on sale.

Natori bras often find their way into my cart in this category (this is the only bra I wear).  So lovely, but why pay $68 for the love when I know eventually (even if it takes until the anniversary sale) they will go on sale.  Beauty items often make there way into the cart in this category as well.  I love my Kiehl’s products – I love them even more when I buy them on sale.  #onsale

Wants that I prefer to buy on sale.

This category includes things like the second color of an item I already purchased and fell in love with but hardly need two of.  It also includes runner ups – the other pair of peep toe booties that were my second choice and were oh, so good – but not good enough to stay the first time because the other pair was so much better.

I have a similar jacket in blush but I have been looking for one that I can leave at the office for emergencies (unexpected meetings or  coffee debacles like my one last week where I was lucky the dry cleaning was in my car).  This jacket comes in 6 lovely colors (I have 3 colors in my cart).

Do I really need two peep toe booties?  When the second pair is subtly metallic – absolutely.  I mean how cool would those be with the gold lace overlay dress above? #gonnaneedabiggercloset

Ridiculously overpriced loves that I will only buy on sale.

These usually fall in the designer category.  These are items I love but just can’t justify the hefty price tag.  If it goes on sale, however, all bets are off.

These gingham pants have been in my cart since I did the spring roundup – I am still holding out for a red gingham pencil skirt though.  This lovely sweater has been in my cart since early January.  Adorable.  #morethanmycarpayment

Sold out items.



These are items I wasn’t quick enough to buy after I added them to the cart.  Doh!  But, if it is something I really love – I will leave it in the cart, sold out, to see if it gets restocked (which frequently happens).

These are two Nordstrom staples that come and go frequently (Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps and Paige Denim).  I was waiting for both of these items to go on sale when they sold out (they fall into the staples category normally).  I am convinced they will be restocked.  #gottabefaster

Speaking of Paige, have you seen these new swoon worthy jeans?  The front seam detail is perfection.  Currently sitting in my Amazon cart, however.  ( Available from Amazon, Zappos, Bloomingdales and the Paige site).  #paigeobsessed #yesIhavefullcartsatlotsofstores

Hmmm.  Maybe?  Let me ponder this a bit.

These are typically items that I have seen someone else wear but not sure if it fits my body type or my lifestyle.  I will leave it in the cart to simmer for a bit and see which category it ultimately lands in.  These Topshop pants are adorable with their frayed details.  They would be really cool with a white T-shirt and I just can’t get away with that at work – even on casual Friday.  The Pleione Blouse is equally adorable with all the ruffles and pleats.  My hang up is the potential inability to put a jacket over the top … I should probably just order it and try.  #corporategirlproblems

What is sitting in your shopping cart?  Share in the comments!