Every day this week I am featuring a new office-appropriate Spring Shoe Trend.  I’ve already talked about the Cage Look, COLOR and the Block Sandal.  Today I’m talking Peep Toe Sandals. #pleasegetamanicure

If this is your first shoe roundup then you should know I have strict criteria for my picks … they must be items I either already own or would buy.  Because I know not everyone wears sky-high heels, I try to include a mix of heel height options.  The winners also need to be highly versatile.  I want shoes that could be worn with suits and other office attire as well as to weddings and brunches.

My Peep Toe Sandals

This shoe can pose challenges to find a pair that’s comfortable.  The buckle at the top can sometimes be in an uncomfortable location.  For example, I loved this black pair … but I couldn’t even walk around the store without the buckle annoying me … no way they were going home with me despite their loveliness.  #comfortfirst

You may have seen this post where I was trying to decide which peep toe to purchase … they really can be all-season when paired with opaque tights (and confidence).  #tightsandsandals  But is IS Spring so please leave the tights off until Fall.

They also don’t have to be solid.  There are some lovely picks that include perforations and other details that make them almost lace-like.  This pair is not only gorgeous but comfortable.  They were perfect for the sunshine and outdoor beer garden I found myself in the other day. #beershoes?

My Top Peep Toe Sandal Picks

While I sometimes feel these are more casual – there are plenty of suit-worthy options.  At my conference today a woman had on a sheath dress, suit jacket and shoes similar to the black pair I tried above – she looked fabulous and none too casual.  The key is in the material  – refined leather is a must!

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Happy Shoe Shopping!