We are on Day 4 of my Spring Roundup.  If you’ve seen the first three days (Spring Dresses, Spring Stripes and Pencil Skirts) then by now you know the drill -wearable pieces you can mix all spring.  Today I am talking Spring Florals.  Floral Prints are everywhere.  If you didn’t see my Floral Bombers post or my post on the LOFT bouquet sweater then you might not realize how much flower power there is in work wear.

Floral Print Selection Criteria

For my selection criteria they had to be items I either already own or would buy.  I  tried to include a mix of different items and looks.  These are fun pieces that can be mixed and matched with many of the other items I’ve already showcased this week.  Both the dresses and the pencil skirts posting included floral pieces but there are tons more to be found!  And I didn’t even try to kid myself that I could narrow these choices down – I think there are arguably ten.

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Spring Floral Print Picks

Halogen Peplum Top – This comes in 4 prints and/or solid options.  I showed the same top with a striped print earlier this week.  I love the larger floral print and the mixed blue colors.  Pair with a pencil skirt or ankle pants to keep the peplum balanced.

my9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 shoes Dresses

ECI Floral Faux Wrap Dress – This has everything you need – including choice.  Floral – Check, Wrap Dress – Check.  You really need nothing more… and less than $90 (BONUS!)  Plus two color choices.  I actually couldn’t decide which color I liked better.

Rebecca Taylor Spring Floral Print Picks

my9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 shoes Spring Florals

my9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 shoes Spring Florals

Rebecca Taylor Phlox Print – Rebecca Taylor is the quintessential feminine floral provider. Her pieces are gorgeous.  I would be wearing one of her dresses today if I wasn’t sick in bed instead.  This pattern comes in a pencil skirt, dress, pants (not shown) and maxi (not shown).  I love the large blossoms and the colors but I find it a tad overwhelming for all over which is why I honed in on the pencil skirt. If you want a floral dress I’d opt for this one instead (pictured above).

Rebecca Taylor Penelope Floral Silk Top – Another beauty by Rebecca Taylor. Pair this with the lace pencil skirt from Wednesday or ankle pants from tomorrow’s selection with a blush jacket or if you really have no budget then go for the Washed Leather Jacket.  So Perfect in either of the two colors.  So outside of my budget.  I have a faux green leather jacket (you can see here) that I will pair this with for date night and casual work days.

Kate Spade Spring Floral Print Picks

Kate Spade Posy Grove Silk Chiffon Blouse (40% off)  – Another queen of feminine floral is Kate Spade. Nothing need really be said about this beauty. The bow, the pleats, the ruffles … let’s be honest, she had me with the bow the other details are just icing on the cake (including the sale price).  The top is ‘fluffy’ enough – I would pair this with a pencil skirt.

my9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 shoes Spring Florals

Kate Spade Rosa Silk Top – And another beauty by Kate.  I would pair this with the blue and white pencil skirt from yesterday’s post.  If this one is outside of your budget here is a similar look by CeCE.

Ted Baker Spring Floral Print Picks

Ted Baker Noii Top – A floral roundup would be incomplete without a little Ted. The obvious choice to pair with this beauty is Wednesday’s faux leather pencil mini but on the more conservative side go with a solid navy skirt or pants to let the shirt take center stage.

my9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 Shoes

Ted Baker Zeana Blushing Bouquet  – More Ted. Always, more Ted.  Pair this with the blue stripe pencil skirt from Wednesday for an interesting pattern mix.

Equipment Spring Floral Print Picks

my9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 shoes Spring Florals

my9to5shoes.com My 9 to 5 shoes Spring Florals

Equipment Slim Signature Floral Silk Shirt – And lastly traditional silk button downs in ivory and navy.  You can never go wrong with a neutral silk blouse.  The floral pattern just makes it fresh!  These could be paired with nearly anything but I would go tucked into a cute pair of ankle pants that you will see tomorrow.

Happy Spring Shopping!